ultimate wheel 24 or larger?

yeap as title states.
does anyone have an ultimate wheel of size 24 or larger at a decent price?

A while back I posted instructions for making an ultimate wheel. Mine took about half an hour to knock out, and it works well even though it’s not a good looker. Another forum member made one using the same method, but a much nicer job and his took a bit longer to make, but still not long.

If you do a search you might find pix of the setup, but some of the old photo’s went away when the gallery went offline. Let me know if you’re interested in making one and I’ll see if I can’t find the photo’s from the original post.

i really wouldnt mind but i dont know if i have the necessary tools (i have no tool sin other words) and am not a “crafty” type of guy… but sure. ill take a look if you show me!

Here’s a link to the UW that was a nicely made version of the one I came up with.

Essentially I made the pedal mounts from a couple of washers some tee nuts, and one each of a lh threaded 1/2x20, and rh 1/2x20 nuts from the hardware store. The rim was an old mountain bike rim that I screwed into the wood disc through the spoke holes, and I used a standard mountain tire. I plan on switching to a slick to make it easier on my legs, but as ugly as mine is it’s perfectly functional.

I still need to find the photo’s of my pedal mounts to show how they work a bit better, but I think you’ll get the idea from the linked post above.

Good Luck!