ultimate uni improvement

I just made a quick design and realized an easy way to make an ultimate
unicycle (UU, or “W”). I think this makes sense: Coming from the seat are
two ‘legs.’ Each attaches at the seat and then down bw the pedal and the
wheel (there are no cranks). The ‘legs’ bend as human legs do and
basically do not support the seat – the seat would bend down without
them. They move in tandem with your legs as you pedal so that if you were
invisible, it would look like a pair of legsriding an UW. Now, to provide
support, you attach a horizonal bracket at the knees. Since the knees are
always moving away and towards each other, the bracket has to slide back
and forth. Finally, connecting the bracket and seat is a metal rod that
provides support for the W and doesn’t allow it to collapse.

Can someone design this – I’m not an engineer and I am not artistic, but
it makes some sense (I hope).

David Stone

                    Co-founder, Unatics of NY
                    1st Sunday / 3rd Saturday
                     @ Central Park Bandshell

1: 30 start time after 11/1/01