ultimate trials/street uni

Seat: cf base kh
Seatpost: kh
Frame: KH or something costum
tire: maxxis
Hub:kh or profile
rim: KH or DX32

I was thinking about a similar uni several weeks ago. Last week I received from Darren Bedford my '05 KH24XC with 5" cranks and Hookworm. I installed a set of Shimano DX pedals. The stock 24XC seatpost (250mm) is too short, so I’m waiting for a 350mm version. It is admittedly overkill for my intended use (cruising, small drops, and lots of hopping around), but I love the heavy duty nature of this setup, and it looks cool. The additional Q factor relative to a Suzue hub doesn’t bother me (this was my biggest worry about the KH/Onza hub).

frame - KH trials powdercoated hot pink
pedals - Jim C pedals limited edition hot pink
wheelset - same wheelset as KH only with profile hub and tryall tire
seat - Kh gel with CF derail base and CF deathgrip handle
seat post - thompson
lexan grind plates 2

that is my dream uni:p

Seat: De-rail with SIF handle, Miyata front handle, CF bumper, Gel, Kevlar Cover
Seat Post: Thompson
Rim: Arrow
Hub: Koxx w/ 110 cranks
Frame: KH 06
Spokes: Titanium
Pedals: Jimmy C Sealed Magnesium, lexan grind plates too.
Tire: Try-all
Color: knock off all the paint and clearcoat it all, or just cover it in stickers. Actually one of each.

A lot of it may be unnecessary, but who cares I’m rich

Hey that was productive, I listed the uni i’d get with an unlimited budget+ I added ur mom, is adding the 2 words ur mom somehting that makes a post non-productive ? dont think so

id go with a custom cf frame, cf seatpost (custom of course), a seat that is molded to my arse and gel so its very comfy and i havent worked out the wheelset. can u have a cf hub/cranks/rim?:smiley:


I am pretty close to what I would love atm.

just through upgrades I have:

carbon fiber kris holm air seat with orange fusion seat cover and death grip handle. (already have an orange gel fusion saddle)

normal seat post (have an ugly quick release)

any skinny seat post clamp is better than what I have preferably orange or cream though. (have an ugly quick release)

Koxx one hub powder coated orange with 110 cranks (already have it)

I really like the axiom double jump pedals with the pins out of one side although if I could weight the smooth side that would be nice.

cream yuni frame (already have it)

orange dx 32 rim (already have it)

primo spokes (already have it)

dual density luna tire with softer nobs (have the luna, love the tire but the nubs could be softer)

That is pretty much what I would like to have when I am done with it. The tire is pretty much impossible so I would be happy with just using a luna tire.

If I were to make my own uni from scratch it would be a totaly different story though.

19x2.50 hookworm
Kris holm trials rim
Kris holm frame
Pretty much the same seat and seat post/clamp set up as the previous uni
Koxx one hub with 110mm cranks
crazy insane spokes.
axiom double jump pedals but sealed.

Koxx orange bud saddle with CF base

Koxx seat clamp orange

Cromoly Seat post

Koxx Frame

Koxx Hub

Prototype koxx cranks (like xav has)

Kris Holm rim

Luna tire ( with nobs cut off)

Magnesium Jim C pedals orange( With grind plates)

Man people like orange dont they?

Last summer in denmark I tryed the Koxx-one street prototype (xav is riding it). I think it’s the ultimate uni. Just one thing, I would use Odyssey Jim Cielencki pedals with it.

I really don’t like jimmy c pedals. My feet slide off them all the time, they suxors. I prefer Konas.

It would be almost the same as lukes.

KH fusion saddle cover, CF seat base with reeder handle,
CrMo seat post
K1 frame
K1 ISIS hub and crankset - cranks 125 mm
K1 seat clamp
Alex DX 32 rim
Jim C Oddysee pedals (sealed)
Luna trials tyre

of course, it would be all mat black! :smiley: