Ultimate success

I don’t know if it was timing, perseverance, or just plain luck but after several half-hearted attempts over the past years to ride one of the three ultimate wheels in my garage (that I store for our club) I finally strapped on my 661’s and took the 24” to practice last week. By the end of practice I could free-mount and ride across the gym. It wasn’t necessarily pretty, but successful. The leg protection made a big difference in sticking to it.

At this week’s practice I tried the 26”, 24”, and 20” with fairly good success on mounting, riding, and some turning.

Not race-ready yet but always good to reach another uni-milestone.


Congrats on the UW success. The leg protection does make a big difference, although I guess if you are good at it the leg drag becomes less of a problem. I occasionally make a run where the tire hardly touches my leg, but that is rare.
I don’t know why I don’t ride mine more. I always think of what a great workout it is and what good training for pedal-pressure control, but seldom get it out and ride it. I should set a weekly goal.


Hey Scott, any chance i get a free handle in exchange for you using my quote? :slight_smile:

We’ll talk. The answer will be no, but we’ll talk.:wink: It was a good comeback. Summers video thread You will have to settle for just being famous.

Steve, are the UW’s spoked or solid disks, or some of both? I sure think the heavy solid disk versions are easier, once you get them rolling.


I saw Steve. He was riding them all the way across the gym.

I have yet to even try the 20" UW. At this point Steve has more UW experience than I do. Not to mention the fact that he graduated from the UW (University of Washington).

The 20 is the UDC solid metal disc with “unicycle.com” cut into it.

The 24 is the four “spoke” Yuni sold by UDC.

The 26 is an old solid 3/4" plywood disc.

Seems the larger, the easier.

This is Eric. Remember me from my project?? Sorry i never came back to the meetings but School soccer started an i had games every tuesday. Anyways i’m out in Montana now and i thought i’d drop you a line thanking you and bruce and John for helping to level four. Are you guys doing that Belle Square parade on thanksgiving weekend? because i’ll be home then and it would be awesome to meet up with you guys and do that parade.
Take care,

Good to hear from you. I haven’t been on line as much lately and didn’t make the connection that you were VersatileWhale.

Great you’re still riding. I’m sure you’ll get to level 5 before Bruce and me.

Haven’t heard about Bell Square yet.

I though I heard someone say “pictures please”.

The obligatory unicycles-against-the-garage-door pic:


The 36" is much easier than the 24" (except you start going very very fast)

The 45" (or so) I tried in Ottawa was much harder. (however, i only spent about an hour with it)

And congrats on learning to ride it!