Ultimate giraffe!

Ultimate giraffe, I had never seen one before. This occurred in our newspaper today. And as if it isn’t challenging enough, the riding is juggling an interest rate, a moneybox and a dollar.

This illustration went with an article on how banks respond to the current financial crisis. I guess the picture has to convey that the banks’ response requires a lot of skill. Apparently, for something that requires a lot of skill, a unicycle is the first thing that springs to mind. Good.


It isn’t just an ultimate giraffe… it’s an ultimate muni giraffe :smiley:

It looks like he’s also trying to do the ‘eat the apple’ trick, but with a pig instead. Cool!

I like the way he’s just about dropped the ‘ultimate rola bola’ too!

And maybe I missed something, but when was the Statue of Liberty moved to Canada?


1) WHOA!!! I’d love to have one of them. :astonished:
2) mmmmmm…free bacon.
3) It’s always been there. :stuck_out_tongue:

anyone else thinking of what would happen if he lost his footing and fell straight down?

the ultimate giraffe would turn into an ultimate supository?

i think its impossible.

I would probably buy one of those if I had even the slightest inclination that they were ridable.

i meant I DONT think its possible

Ultimate giraffe muni -


So what would this be considered???

I would consider that 20 foot death.

A weak version of this:
In a way it’s also an ultimate giraffe, it that it’s ultimately high.

i truely admire this guys skill for riding a giraffe juggling and standing on the pedals with no seat to balance on

Or it could be representing something that’s done by clowns who like to put themselves above the rest of us, but occasionally come crashing down.


Maybe hes doing the Eat the apple from the pigs mouth trick

if that uni had stunt pegs or BC plates on the axle too that would be awesome, a unicycle you have to pedal with your hands!

I think Dustin Kelm does something similar to what you are describing.

I will have to do that one day!

In the political-type cartoons with unicycles that I’ve clipped over the years, the main skill represented by the unicycle usually seems to be balance. That’s always the hard part in these situations…
But of course there’s always the required skill, and possible audacity and possibly inflated ego of thinking you can do it consistently (that’s still much of the general public’s conception of unicyclists).

Ultimate giraffe is an ongoing argument between IUF founder Jack Halpern and basically the rest of the unicycling world (from 20 years ago). Always the optimist, Jack insisted that it could be possible to ride one. I always said “not without something to counter the frame’s movement, like a bit of seat post or a handle.”

So it is. Of course it’s always easy to ride the hard stuff downhill… :slight_smile:

A 22-footer. That’s the one he built (he=Tom Miller, the guy riding it) for Chaz Marquette, who years later had a bad accident falling off a rooftop while mounting it. Picture taken at Unicon I, 1984 in Syracuse, NY (by me).

THAT would work. Yes, Dustin probably rides a regular 6’ giraffe with axle pegs, as do I occasionally. First one I saw doing it was Sem Abrahams. It’s also possible to coast on the pegs, like a weak BC giraffe…

i might have to make something once I get a welder lol, ive got a few bmxs outside… they could make a nice giraffe BC :smiley: