Ultimate Coker for sale

I’m moving into a condo and must sell my treasured Ultimate Coker. It’s described here:


I’m selling the Hunter frame, Stockton wheel, V-brakes, computer, Miata inflatable seat, with a spare tube/tire for $300. The wheel alone cost $550 and the unicycle is superior to the stock Coker. Buyer either picks up the unicycle in Nashville/Atlanta or pays shipping. If interested, please contact jbauer@rubic.com.

I’m very interested, I will email you to confirm if I will be able to buy it or not.

This is a very good deal, someone should sweep this up soon.

The hunter frame is great, it (along with the nimbus) are pretty much the only 36er frames you can lock up.

Dude, you’re crazy to ask so little for that. Put in up for auction and you should get at least $500. I got almost $300 for a cheapo Radial 360 on eBay.

do you have any current pics, to show the condition, and how much do you think it would cost to ship to Boulder, CO?


Coker Uni

I sent you a PM a while ago and wanted to post here also so you know who sent it. :slight_smile:

I do have a question though… I am only 5’6" and have a pants inseam of 29" … would I be able to ride this Coker?


I emailed him and confirmed that I will be buying it,
sorry guys, hopefully you guys were dying for a 36er less than I was