Ultiamte Wheel

All right
The hardest parts about learning to ultimate wheel is

The Pain Oh man the Pain!

Just so you all know

How are you experience pain? I’m sure there is a quick sollution to this problem. :wink:

what pain?

i didnt feel any pain while llearing, i was learing till i broke mine, but you feeelin pain on you inner legs were the whel rubs against youlegs? just wear shin pads/

Pads was exactly what I was getting at.

Re: Ultiamte Wheel

Reminds me of the song (You need to know Home Ales was a local beer in Nottingham)

Home, Oh Mum, the pain!
I’ve been drinking Home Ales again,
My lesson’s been learned, for my guts have been churned
And I’ve been feeling lousy all day.

Oh give me some Home, full of bubbles and foam
other beer is too flat, so I say,
Oh seldom is heard, a disparaging word
About Home, it’s not cloudy or stale…

(To the tune of
Oh give me a home, where the buffalo roam,
And I’ll show you a house that needs Hoovering.)

<but you feeelin pain on you inner legs>

Not only that, but The Wheel SERIOUSLY works your quads and sorta works your butt muscles

( I can barely walk right now after going a mile or so yesterday and half a mile today)

the problem with shin pads, is that they can turn around on your leg, and then your back to the square 1. what i recommend for other people is encasing that part of your leg with cemment. That way, you really work out your legs as you walk. Another benifit, is that it will add more speed to you when you ride, as your legs go down faster. You’d probably get usted to it faster then you think. be sure to get it done professionally, or else it could fall off and break your foot or if it’s too bumpy, hit your tire and break it.