Ultamet Wheel Crank Hub w/Spokes

Hey check out my new Ulitmate Wheel with real spokes.
I have not ridden it too much yet but it seems to ride ok… I’ll probably reply back later for more of that info.

Beautiful. I’m looking forward to reading about the riding experience and comparisons with the ‘normal’ UW’s.


I made a spoked UW a while ago but I still prefer my wooden disk. It seems to ride a bit smoother. I’d be keen to hear how you get on with it.


I am now a level 1 rider on it now.
Its a bit like comparing apples and oranges to my 26".

  1. The offset of the pedals from the center of the wheel is a bit more so it does add a little difficulty but I think its not a big deal. I find seat dragging hard and this was not close to that level of difficulty.
  2. The wheel is bigger and that seems good … you can almost get somewhere on it.
  3. One thing it does not have is my “patented” uw webbing[tm] :slight_smile: on the side of the UW like I am used to, so I find that the greatest difficulty for me to overcome. I plan to put webbing on it, but a bigger wheel means a lot more stitching…
  4. Another problem is that you have to make sure your feet don’t go in the spokes… this does not seem to be a big deal either.
  5. Tom Miller noticed that the hub shifts a little when you put your weight on one pedal… I did not notice this at all. This however may be a limiting factor on how narrow the hub can be… by my reckoning the cranks may be sanded down a bit so they sit closer together but this may effect the stability of the spoked wheel.
  6. Some of the spokes may lightly brush against your leg but I always wear my Roach padding and it did not bother me.
  7. Its a very light stripped down vehicle. :slight_smile:
    I am very pleased with it…

nickjb: I put a link it to your wheel from my web site. Very nice… can you clap your hands through the hole as you ride it?
Tom has one very similar, but he did not think it was practical due to the hub shifting… but maybe more spokes, like yours, was the answer there. I have a black and white picture I’ll try to post it on my web site in the next few days.
I also like your other unis too.
I see your from Cardiff. The last vacation I took without my unicycle I went to the Cardiff Castle… beautiful place. Now the unicycle goes with me everywhere or I don’t go.