Ullrich in H. San Diego

Hello again my friends, Jan Ullrich with his personal trainer Peter Becker,
Zabel, Baldinger, Uwe Peschel, and all new amateur team Deutsche Telekom, stay
now in Hotel San Diego /s’Arenal/Playa de Palma/Mallorca/Spain. They are
training 160-180 Km every day (yesterday they went to Puerto Pollensa and today
went to Cala Rajada). Ullrich have a littel overweight but he hopes to have a
good condition in the begining of the season (Challenge Tour of Mallorca
8-12/February). Next week, Ullrich and all profi Telekom Team are going to the
hotel Taurus Park to start the ofitial concentration of Telekom. …to be
continued Andreu canals@sendanet.es http://www.hotel-sandiego.com