ulitmate wheel project

I’m going to build a 28" ultimate wheel. I’ve collected all the required hardware and laid out a planned design on my garage floor. I think it will be strong enough. Thoughts?

The curved pieces are the remains of old glue-on rims that I cut into quarters. Obviously I’ll need to finish-cut everything. I was also planning to remove the sprocket from the old cranks and weld them in the middle.

Alternate design

or something like the following? I expect I’d need a small hub at the center to make the welding less of a pita, but I’m sure I can find something for that.

Neat pattern, the first one looks pretty cool. For attatching the pedals I just cut the ends off the cranks and welded them on. That was using square stock though, not sure if that’d work as well with rims.

Thanks pinefresh. Using the crank ends was what I had in mind as well. I haven’t cut them yet as I’m still deciding on a configuration.

I like how your pedal mounts are supported on two sides by the meeting of two pieces of stock. Less room for metal fatigue. I may have to try that arrangement with my eight curved pieces. I don’t know why that wasn’t my first thought. I does appear to be the simplest.