UKTV G2 show 'Totally Viral' - Unicycling section

There’s a new program on UKTV G2 called Totally Viral that showcases interesting clips from the Internet and in the first episode they had a unicycling section entitled ‘Heroes of Ouch’. I must say they put it together rather well and referred to unicycling as an extreme sport :smiley:

Anyway I’ve uploaded the section, see what you think;

BTW the rest of the show’s quite good as well (saves me hunting down the best clips on the web)

Damn, all download sluts in my country have resigned. I’ll try later.

Damn, all download sluts in my country have resigned. I’ll try again later.

Obviously someone didn’t read the start of Universe 2. You + Duplication = Ass Kick’n … :slight_smile:

They basically took bits from Universe 2 (not even the best bits) and switched the music… I hope Dan gets at least something out of it.

I guess on the bright side it is good TV exposure for the sport.

That was lame, I hope they didn’t really get those clips off the net! I’ve seen a copy of Defect available on P2P, listed as “monocycle-Defect” so I guess it must’ve been some French speaking dude who uploaded it or whatever.

I cant get it to work in WMP even though it says it should be played in it.
Any help guys?



The video is encoded with XviD. You’ll need to install the XviD codec to play it. You may have to log out and log back in to get Windows to recognize the new codec is installed. That should get the video to play in WMP.

However… If you have DivX, Nero, and/or some other MP4 codecs you may be caught in the middle of a pissing match. DivX, XviD, Nero and some others all claim to be able to decode and play the other’s content. They can’t do it 100% of the time, but they register their codec as being able to decode the other content anyways. To counter that the codec programmers up their filter merit to keep the others from hijacking their playback. So everyone gets in a pissing match upping their filter merit and hijacking the other’s playback. The result is that sometimes videos won’t play because because someone hijacked the correct codec playback.

Background on the problem here: Video Codecs are the next DLL Hell

Steps to fix the problem here: How to Change the Selected Codec with RadLight Filter Manager
But that fix goes too far in the other direction. Set both XviD and DivX to MERIT_NORMAL. Log out, then log back in. Now XviD videos will play with the XviD codec and DivX videos will play with the DivX codec. You’ll have to search the net for a download location for the RadLight Filter Manager. The original site is offline now for some reason.


Sorry for the rant. I just hate this situation because it screws up video playback even though the correct codecs are installed.

Personally, I just use xine or mplayer on my Gentoo Linux. They can play everything I throw at them without any tricky codec juggling.