UK World tour?

Hey everyone!

Me and Leo have been thinking about something we have wanted to do for a while now.

We would like to know how much interest there is in a Uk roadtrip. We would roadtrip around the Uk, stopping at various towns to ride. It would take place some time in Summer 2007, but we would need to start planning it to find out where we would be stopping.

Would anyone be interested. or does anyone have any suggestions?


Rock on!

Funny you say that Edd, I was just talking to Roger from UDC about starting a British tour. I was in the middle of contacting riders when I saw this thread.
I have begun plans already e.g. contacted places about sponsorship and figured out the logistics of most of it, all that was needed was to rope people in.

Stay tuned,



Sure will!

Rock on!

That sounds pretty awsome Edd.

It’d be awsome if we could get to the cities to do urban trials and street riding particularly.

More details :smiley:

This is one damn sexy idea. I like.

we would need a demo rig and a van, i am very excited that more people would be up for it, try getting big sponsors,i think its the onza team are sponsored by t mobile and were given a £25 000 rig so there lol

Yeah, we would have to get hold of a couple of vans. We would also need someone to drive the vans, as I havent passed my test yet, but by next summer I should have!

We were thinking of roadtripping to the major cities and riding mainly street, trials and freestyle, so I don’t know if some of the more distance/Muni orientated riders would be very interested. If there is a lot of interest from Muni riders, we could incorperate some of the best Muni spots aswell.

We would also need somewhere to stay at nights, we originally thought camping. Then we thought, when did you last see a campsite in the middle of a city? Youth hostels is an option, but after a week or so, that would get pretty expensive, unless we somehow got sponsers to pay for it.

THE most major hurdle, in my opinion is finding a time to do it, when everyone is available. Although, we could arrange it so that you would be free when we came to your town or city, and you ride with us for the day.

Just my thoughts.

Any more ideas/suggestions? Please PM me or post in this thread!

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You’re in vehicles, you can always drive out of town to a nearby campsite. I’ve run a few mini roadtrips before now and you’d be amazed how much stuff you can get in a normal car if you try, especially if you’re only taking trials unis. A ford focus hatchback can carry 2 people with their luggage and 14 unicycles, including cokers and munis if packed correctly. Getting your hands on vans will be nigh on impossible unless you know someone who has one or you have the money to buy one, and even then you’re going to need to need insurance etc. and they’re going to cost you more in fuel than cars would.

You need to think about the exact aims of your trip aswell, you seem to want to just go and ride interesting spots and meet local riders in different towns, lucas is talking about a demo rig as if he wants to do pro organised demos, those are two really different things, and Im not saying you couldn’t mix the two but you need to decide exactly what you want out of it.

It sounds like a really great idea and I hope it succeeds, I’ll certainly come ride with you if you tour anywhere near me.

Hey guys and girls!

I have been thinking and have come up with a few thoughts.

Leo and I wanted this to be a riding/fun roadtrip, rather than a demo tour, so it would be just travelling around meeting up with riders and riding the local spots.

I think mid july to early august is a sensible time to aim for, so who would be avialable and interested in comming for a week around that time.

Also, if you are interested, could you post where you are and if you would just meet up with us for a day, or roadtrip with us!


Rock on!

I’d definitely be up for meeting you guys - and possibly the whole roadtrip if you’ll have me. I’ll probably be back in London by mid July so I should be available.
As for places to stay a cool idea is to book a cheap 2 person room in Travel Inn or somewhere, and sneak in a load more people after you’ve checked in. You can pack loads of people in sleeping bags into those rooms.


I’m interested! There’s 3 street riders in Sheffield, make sure you stop by and we can have a mega jam.

I finish school (forever) in summer 2007 so I’m on holiday from almost July to August (Not sure exactly).

It would be totally rad to do a mini tour of the country for a week or two.

MSN / email me or whatever