UK unicyclists

OK, it might just be me, but from my limited experience of Uni-meets and last years BUC, we UK unicyclists don’t seem to wear helmets much, particularly when doing trials. Obviously there are a few exceptions, but by and large most don’t. Given the size of stuff some of us are doing now, this seems like a bad idea. Riders elsewhere seem to wear helmets more readily.
This isn’t a criticism of any unicyclists, just an observation. Anyone got any theories on this one?

Well, I think that all of the serious muni riders I have ridden with wear crash hats and many of them wear body armour too.

In fact it seems to be mainly the freestyle riders if you ask me


I agree.
I have started wear my helmet with my pads more and more now, even if is just to the shops, so I get into the habit of it.

When Kris Holm was here, the Wednesday before BUC, the first thing he did when he came into the club, was to put his pads and helmet on, even though we were just talking for the first 20 minutes. Same when he came to my house on Thursday.

I know a few people who only dont wear any protection, some people just wear one or the other. In my opinion, its better wearing a helmet than pads (if your just going to wear one - idealy you should be wearing both- or more!!) because obv. you can do more damage injuring your head than you can your legs…

Anyway… thats all

-Riding Safely, If you can call it that…