UK Unicyclists

Hi, I was wondering how many unicyclists in the UK are still on hear? :slight_smile:

Meee, im up the north east

There seem to be quite a few, most people have a reasonably accurate location in their profile. We do seem to be very spread out though. I’ve tried looking on the map (on this forum) but none of the other people near me seem to have posted for some time :frowning:

Anyway, I’m in West Berkshire about 70km west of London.

I’m from the UK too.
Ed, you might want to have a look down to JUST in Stockton - if you’re into freestyle or trials (or just want a bit of uni related banter).

im in Gateshead, and get around on the peasant wagon, so its to far to go :’(

I seen someone who was less than a mile away from me, but hadn’t posted in ages

Plenty of us. Enough to Make Roger at Unicycle Dot Com a dot com millionaire. Almost.

I’m in Lincolnshire.

Northwest for me :smiley:

I’m just a bit north of Newcastle, and know three or four people who ride around where I live, plus a few others further around the place too, but not sure whether they’re on the forums.

Mainly easy street/trials

that’s close ish to me, I am in somerset:)

I’m in Ormskirk, Lancashire.

Scottish Highlands

There are about 6 of us who meet up weekly in Inverness

I’m on here - Harrogate, North Yorkshire.

I’m near Buxton in Derbyshire

There’s a Bath Unicyclists group on FB, but it doesn’t seem to be active:

Other groups you might find useful:

Here is our group in the Highlands: