UK Unicyclists wanted for demo at Cycling Event

Hi Guys,

I’ve been contacted by the organisers of Bike Blenheim, a road cycling event at Blenheim palace on 28th September, it sounds like a good day out. They’d like either a hockey demo, or a general unicycle demo, perhaps some street/trials if we can find some props. I’ve suggested a Coker race and sent them photos from Warwick. It’s still early days but I’d like to get an idea of how many people would be interested in taking part. Let me know and I’ll add you to the list.

Details from the organiser below.



The Bike Blenheim date is Sunday 28th September so if some of your unicyclists are available that would be fantastic. We’re still putting the event details together although the general idea is the the club and elite races are taking place in the morning and then the course opens up to the general public to ride around during the afternoon. Whilst all this is going on there would be the event village with various stalls/exhibitors etc plus an arena to add some entertainment … which is where the unicyclists would come in. We’re lining up a few other demos and thought that throughout the day it might be good for things to be repeated two or three times so that everyone at some point has a chance to see everything.

I think it is going to be a really fun and exciting day and really look forward to you and the unicyclists beiing a part of it - the setting at Blenheim fantastic.

i’d be up for a coker race around blenheim, no idea where i’ll be on that date but as I’m graduating on the 26th I will probably be atleast in the country.

yeh ill be getting in contact, i think

sounds like a fun day, if there was hockey going on i’d be interested in coming along.


It’s a bit early to say for sure, but the diary is empty at the moment so as long as I’m reminded about 4 weeks before hand I should be there.


Sounds like good fun. If theres a trials course, can we just turn up on the day and have a go?


I think trials or something would be the coolest, if you’re thinking of using this as a way to promote unicycling. A Coker race would be all about going fast, which is something bikes are much better at, and I think it’d make us look lame. But if you guys start doing mad trials and crazy hops and awesome muni, they won’t be able to compare themselves to you, and unicycling will be better because of it. (methinks; am I off base?)
Edit: Actually, I think I overreacted about a coker race. It’d still be pretty cool to watch from the POV of a roadie, but seeing folks dash around each other at 15-20mph just isn’t that crazy after you’ve been doing it at 25-40 all morning. A coker race with a trials course, methinks, would be the coolest. :slight_smile:

sounds cool. flat doesnt need props it needs pure skillz (just kiddin).

where is blenheim exactly?

edit: mmm trials would be pretty cool for roadies to look at i think.