UK unicycle spares shops

Hi, I just broke my seat :o (it was only a cheap one that came on my uni) so I need to buy a new one. Does anyone know of anywhere to buy unicycle spares from other than I’m just wondering if it’s worth having a look around.
I didn’t really want to spend more than £20 but I also don’t want to buy anything that I’m likely to snap again! Any ideas on what I should buy?
Has anyone managed to snap the expensive ones? It could just be that I’m a heavy rider cuz I’m new at it.

I Think that the best option for you is the nimbus gel saddle

The KH have removable cover, so if you snap it you can change just the base, or the cover

But i don’t know stores in UK… See in UDC the list of dealers and in KHU site the dealers list…You maybe find a dealer closer to you!

Bye :smiley:

Thank you Pedrotejada, that’s really useful. I was looking at the Nimbus saddle and it looks pretty good. I’m kind of getting into trials but I also enjoy a bit of MUni and unicycle hockey, so is it a good all-round saddle?

What kind of seat post do you have? I got a cheep uni and got a different seat but it was the wrong type of post so just check before buying.

Basically you won’t find anything in any shop that UDC (Unicycle Dot Com) doesn’t sell. very few shops stock unicycle specific spares, and almost all of them that do source them from UDC. The range is likely to be very limited from a LBS (Local Bike Shop), although some of the better ones have accounts with UDC, so can order stuff for you. Price and delivery time will be about the same either way. Via UDC you know you are dealing with someone that understands unicycles. Via LBS you get to let someone else out there know there’s a market for these quirky things!

Non-uni specif stuff like pedals, lights or helmets can be bought from anywhere - but I always make a point of saying it’s for a unicycle when they ask what bike it’s for!

As for the seat base, even £80 carbon fiber ones can be broken. The UDC gel saddle, however is a great option, and very comfortable. worth a £20 investment for sure.


I would second going to UDC in the UK. Their prices are really quite good, and the service can’t be beaten. It is great that we have a company to deal with that are heavily involved in designing the gear they sell, and really know what they are talking about.

I wouldn’t go past UDC.


Wow, thanks for the help. It seems unanimous that we should all go to UDC! I am very impressed by the website and I have heard nothing but good stff about them.

I disagree. There are rival companies that sell inferior knock offs. Some of their products are ok and some are not. In New Zealand a lot of bike shops have been tricked by David Allis at who provides crap at cheapish prices. They do not realise that unicycling is a serious sport and they fall for his website hype- which falsely advertises his products as “quality”. Unfortunately a lot of schools have fallen for his deals too and now have a lot of low quality unicycles- practically useless to upgrade cost effectively, but yet they still serve to grow the sport uncomfortably. Most Bike-shop people and School staff would not know the difference between good or bad unicycles. They have an imitation Velo seat available at the bike shop for half the price of the KH which looks OK. In my experience no local bike shops have been brave enough to buy through even though of late they have been introducing various brands including Torkers. You would know more about UK bike shops than me though- they are probably more onto it.

I just checked out that site and it looks pretty good (as far as a website goes). They obviously know what they are talking about where business is concerned. A good web design can sell almost anything. It’s a shame that they are selling crappy goods without people realising. I think it might need advertising to the NZ unicycle community to be careful of cheap ‘knock-offs’.