UK Unicycle Hockey Webpage

Hi Guys,

We’ve put a page on the UUU website for the UK Unicycle Hockey league.

It’s got a list of all the coming tournaments that I’m aware of, and the results from the tournaments so far this season. If you think it needs anything else adding just let me know.

If you’re planning a tournament let me know and I’ll get it added to the list



I was only pondering the other day about the results - nice one Paul.

One thing, how are the league points awarded if there are scratch teams in a tournament? (I think this will be the case for the Billingham tournament)

The scratch team at Denton won nearly every game but their points didn’t count for the league IIRC

hey, cheers for this paul!

i hadn’t quite worked out how the points system was going to work

we are doing better than i had thought…


Southampton are considering running a tournament in May, will this be ok? It’s just a thought at the moment, but if it’s ok then we will look into it more.



The rules say that all teams get points according to their place at the end of the tournament, regardless of whether they’re a club team or a scratch team, but only club teams points count towards the league.

We intended to run a “scratch player of the year” competition, but it’s not really happened yet. The idea is that at each tournament any scratch players are awarded the same number of points as the team they were playing in, and at the end of the year we give the scratch player with most points a prize.

At swum they did Captains Player of the tournament award and i thought this was a really nice encouragement for young players or even any player that excels as an individual award to a player who may not necessarily be in the winning team, my sis won it last time woo woo

Also lets get a Top Scorers list going on and maybe an assist table that would be fun but hard to keep record of

Cheers, nice page


That sounds fine. Let me know when you have a date in mind.


Preferably not a bank holiday weekend as they get booked up with other events, but I’m, up for it

+1 on the bank holiday weekend because we always work at an event in the bank holiday of May so another weekend would be much preferable

dont worry, i dont think it will be the bank hol wknd, as i think they are at the beginning and end and this is likely to be the 2nd or third wknd, i have to work out with a few different lots of people which date it has to be, and then find a venue that is free then! but there are options so it should work out fine. Will let you know when i know more.

After an unacceptable delay (sorry folks) the UUU Hockey Webpage is finally up to date.

The 2007/2008 season is over so the league table shows the final positions of all 14 teams who’ve played during the year.

I believe the results are all correct, I’m sure someone will soon point out any errors.

Congratulations to Lunis, 2007/2008 League Champions, but only one point ahead of EMU. Next year should be fun :smiley:


damnit got beaten by kids :wink:

cheers for the results.