UK Unicycle Hockey Pre-season Scratch Tune-Up event & Refereeing Session

To help get you ready for the new UK Hockey season we’re organising a mini scratch event with a focus on getting some refereeing training to increase the number of people able to referee at the league tournaments as well as getting consistency between individual referees.

So the idea is that referee’s will buddy up during matches and we’ll share some idea’s etc. so there may be a few more stops than usual however loads of hockey will still be played

So here are the details:

When: Saturday 6th September 12:00 - 17:00
Where: Darley Fields 5-a-side pitch, Chester Green, Derby - the usual EMU pitch
How much?: £6 per person

If you’re interested then let me know by emailing - numbers will be limited so it’ll be first come first serve.

See you then


Great idea Roland, but unfortunately I can’t make it - Sorry.


Bad luck steve, but with that lovely apology we’ll let you off we won’t ask for a note from home to excuse you :smiley: That will mean more chip butties to go round for every one else.

If people can let me know if they’re coming that will help with getting the right amount of food ordered


I think that is my only free weekend until October so i should be there.

Thats good to hear, so are there any more takers for hockey and fine food as I need to get the final numbers to get the food sorted. If anyone is at a loose end until Saturday then the current IUF hockey rules can be found here so it would worth having a read of them before Saturday and bring a whistle if you have one. See you all on Saturday off to sacrifice something to the weather gods