UK Unicycle Hockey League Tournament, Tholthorpe

UK Unicycle Hockey League Tournament
Hosted By Tholthorpe Unicycle Hockey Club

Oaklands Leisure Centre, York

12-6pm Saturday 19th April

This will be part of the British Unicycle Hockey League and there is space for 8 teams only. Places will be allocated to the first 8 teams registered. If 8 teams are not registered by 5th April, we will fill the remaining places with scratch teams. Please contact us if you are interested in playing in a scratch team.

Games will be 10 minutes duration with a 2-minute turn around.

Oaklands leisure centre,
Cornlands road,
YO24 3DX

£30 per team, or £6 per person if member of scratch.

Car parking is available at the centre.
We can collect from York station if required. Please give advance notice if this is needed.

We will be able to provide overnight accommodation with the club members or in the village hall for riders should it be wanted. Bring sleeping bags and give advance notice please.

Unicycles used in the hall must have plastic pedals and seat bumpers.

Please register by email initially to mikewood13(at) by March 29th .

Hmmmmm, any freestyle workshops on the day???

Will there be any extra space for those who don’t really want hockey the whole time?


Who are these people that you speak of Connie, that don’t want hockey all the time :wink:


Sorry Connie although we wanted to do the freestyle workshop and space, the only other hall available is a dance studio used for ballet on saturdays.

Half the places taken for the tournament, so be quick!


Hi again,

3 more places left now.

Entered teams as follows…

Severn Wheelers


sorry guys, dont think we can realistically make it to this one, ill have a look but its looking like bit too far specially with bloody £1.09 petrol prices as i have paid recently grrrr

It seems very odd to me that someone who lists his location as “Pakistan” would be using his first post (or any post for that matter) to announce a UK hockey tournament. What’s that all about, then?

Anyway, are you sure about that date? It’s a little unusual to hold a hockey tournament on a Monday.

Not to mention that its in a weeks time?!

Yeah, and he hasn’t started a new thread

Im asuming steve colligan will clear this up for us, if he is back yet?

Steve might be out of the country, but that doesn’t mean he can’t post as himself…

Personally I think it’s a weird form of spam.