UK Unicycle Hockey League Tournament Southampton March 22nd 2009

I am pleased to announce that Southampton Penguins Unicycle Hockey Club are hosting a league tournament before the next BUC:

Sunday March 22nd 2009
11am - 6 or 7pm (yet to be confirmed)
Matches will start at 11.30 am

Cantell Maths and Computing College,
Violet Road
SO16 3GJ

£5 per person,
under 12’s free

Extra info -
Space available for 8 teams on a first come first served basis, email annaats at to register your team.

Plenty of car parking available, nearest shop is a garage half a mile down the hill, potential for Pizza Hut meal locally afterwards.

Hope to see you there!

Are there any unicycle hocky teems in the west middleands area.
I would love to pley but i do no know any unicycle tees, if there are an i would be interested.
regards JPW

Not sure about West Midlands, but the EMU’s (East Midlands Unicyclists) play in Derby I think?

I’ve had confirmations from … oh wait - noone yet :stuck_out_tongue:

We are likely to have a space or two for scratch too, but will let you know nearer the time when teams have registered/not.

Merry Christmas!

and right on cue, could the Emu’s have an entry in the tournament

Cheers Roland

JPW - if you need some more details of hockey in Derby with the EMU’s then send me a PM and I’ll let you have all of the details

Emu’s are in!

Teams registered so far:

Soton Penguins
Severn Wheelers

5 spaces left!

Can LUnis have a spot?

Cheers Keith

SWUM , I’ll check on saturday that we have a team avalible on that date.

SCUM (south coast unicycle meet) can’t make it as a few of our members play for Southampton and we havn’t even had our first meet yet. :smiley:

Teams registered so far:

Soton Penguins
Severn Wheelers

and if the spaces aren’t filled by league teams:
Soton B (non league)
Lunis B

Tournament Full

Hi guys,

I’m pleased to say that we can add Hackney Freewheelers into the runnings for our league tournament in March. This means we now have 8 league teams registered!

Severn Wheelers
S’ton Penguins

Can those teams coming let me know asap if they change their plans please, we’re likely to have 20 southampton players desperate to snap up your space as a non-league team! :stuck_out_tongue:

Hey guys

Would love to get down and watch a bit of it cos i think it looks like a right good laugh, the problem is i live in Essex so its a bit of a mission at the moment to get down there.

Does anyone know if there is a team or a tournament ever in Essex or anything??

thanks guys

There aren’t many players in Essex. There are a couple of teams in London, and occasional tournaments. There is a team in Cambridge, too.

Anna, I don’t think anyone would object to home teams fielding a B team, even if the tournament is fully subscribed.

It looks like SWUM will not make it after all. sorry.

Thanks for letting me know in advance Sarah, that may make some of our Penguins very happy indeed! If some of you can make it don’t worry about getting a full team together as you can play with some penguins in a non-league team if you want.

Not long to go now!

Hall will be available for teams from 11am, we will have to be out at 6pm.

If any one has a spreadsheet for working out the schedule can they please email it to me? Thanks!!