UK Unicycle Hockey League - Results Error?

Just been looking at the Tholthorpe results, and the UUU page for the league, and noticed that Southampton have apparently played in 4 tournaments, and racked up 5 points despite not beating a tournament side in any tournament.

This seems to stem from the results of the Liverpool tournament, where the scratch team was given a point for coming last, and we were given 2 for ‘beating’ them. Since our scratch team game was incredibly one sided and not played by the usual match rules, I don’t think its fair to give us a point for this ‘win’!

The current league points are tallied up depending on the number of entrants, but since one of the teams this time was a non-league scratch team, the points should be modified accordingly, and only go from 1-9. For example, if 5 teams were to compete, and 1 non-league team came 3rd:

1st - League Team A     4
2nd - League Team B     3
3rd - Non-League Team   X
4th - League Team C     2
5th - League Team D     1

Thus a non-league team is effectively ‘invisible’ for the purposes of scoring, and cannot affect the league table by forcing teams to have more or less points than they would have done, had the non-league team not competed.

Or is there a reason it’s scored with non-league teams included?


It’s because the person who updates the hockey page (me) hasn’t got round to changing the figures for past tournaments yet, it will be updated soon, when I’m near a PC I can do FTP from…