UK unicon tee designs

put me down for two XL shirts with shippping

I like scotts logo a lot! but i think on the 2006 t shirts it might look a bit over patriotic or what ever the word is like uk uk uk uk! but i like scotts definetly im easy either way really, i would have liked a sports t shirt rather than just t shirt but guessing its too late,

Joe get out your unicycle and practice for Hockey and Basketball we are going to be the new swiss power team and win both of those ok lol x


Here is my design for the UK T-shirt, it is only a rough draft and needs tweaking.


thanks, I was planning on writing "UNICON XIV - UK team! in a silver/white sort of thing in the red line in the middle. But I cannot figure out how to warp the text to look like it’s part if the flag.

I’ll have a male medium, large and x large with postage and packing please. Of whatever design is used.


My completely unbiased opinion is that Rachael’s design is very good but needs to mention unicon.

Hi all,

I think Rachael’s is the best although old_dudes_rule is right is should mention Unicon and Denmark.

marco i’ll take a medium male size (btw you got a pic of the shirt design before i commit to buying?)

Isn’t that One-wheeled-grape’s flag for the spokes though?

Is that okay with him?

Looks good otherwise.

Hi Beeper,

I got the flag from the Net. I dont know if it’s the same one that One-wheeled-grape has used aswel.

Yea I like this one the most. I wouldnt mind a t-shirt like exactly like that. Im not going to be at unicon though.

Thanks Sp4rky,

You could always order one if that design gets used. Its a shame your not going to Unicon.

Oh, maybe not. Roger just told me you can only order if you are going to Unicon. Sorry I didnt know. I have never been to a Unicon before.

I got mine from the internet, I don’t randomly take pictures of flags for the off chance I could use it for something :roll_eyes:

I quite like Rachael’s shirt! Is that a pic of you Joe dreaaed as Jo!:smiley:

The pic is on Page one!

*dressed. Sorry!:frowning:

OK - I now with draw my offer of getting a reprint of 2006 shirt. All UK team shirt design/ ordering / stuff for unicon 2008 is Roger and Keiths business.
Sorry if I got any one hopes up. did reignite teh debate tho:-)

here, I found how to do the text!

Newby, a pic of me… NOOOO!! Stuff like that doesnt happen at German conventions :roll_eyes:

Rachael, I love the design (almost as much as Stephens title!), does need to say ‘Unicon 14’ on it I think.


Here’s my first effort. I’ve got another one that’s a bit more restrained. The text on the other one isn’t right tho, so I thought I’d put this up and see what you think.