UK unicon tee designs

We (Team UK) still need a tshirt design for UNICON.
Please help us out, if you have time and would like to, we would love to see some original designs. It would be preferable if it was designed by a Brit, but its open to anyone :slight_smile:



something to get you going…


I like what you’ve got right there.

Nice paint skills Joe!


i’m not competing but i think that looks sweet!

Here’s mine and Ivan’s design.

I’m rather fond of the shirts we had for switzerland with the white body, blue arms and flag on the side, could we get those again with either the same or a different logo on the front?
The shirt is still stocked by my local T-shirt printer.

We did talk about unicon shirts at the SWUM on saturday. opinion was divided pretty evenly between
a- use same design as last time, its nice shirt, people liked it . or
b- differnt design.
No body hated the basic shirt design and sticking with white, red and blue was generally agreed on.

Keep in mind , every extra colour increases the cost of the print. and if you don’t have a white base shirt white needs to be counted as a colour.

This shirt

team shirt.jpg

this logo- maybe needs a date and event adding. Or maybe not, its classic shirt if its undated.


Gets my vote.

Looks good

I’m with Sarah. I’m not going to Unicon, but I’d still be tempted by a t-shirt with that logo.

nice design kit, that model, she looks stunning! :wink:

Yeah sarah I like the idea of using the same printed shirt, but I do think we could come up with a new logo design for this UNICON, that is if anyone designs one.

If not, altering the old logo would be fine.


I have the art work needed to get a re-print of the classic UK team shirts we
used at Unicon 2006 ( switzerland). Cost per shirt is approx 10 quid, may
come down slightly if lots are ordered. images of the shirt and the art work
can be seen at

If you would like one of these shirts before Unicon 2008. I need to know
soon. VERY soon. IF i order them on friday 27th I can have them done for
the SW uni Meet on July 13th so people coming to that could collect them.
people unable to collect will need to pay P&P or make alternative
arrangenments to get their shirt to them. I CAN NOT take extra shirts to
Unicon, I’m flying with limited baggage allowance.

sizes are s-xxl in Male cut and 8-16 in female cut.
I can arrange a similar shirt - with blue sleves but no union flags- in small
kid sizes it will cost the same as the adult ones.

Cheap skate alternative to this for a UK team shirt at Unicon.
I can make the art work avalible for people to down load and print onto
transfer paper and iron on to the shirt of their choice. We could pick a
shirt colour or not.

Im up for that tshirt Sarah, size 8 please, and ill try and come to SWUM to pick it up, if I can’t I’ll get another Sotoner to go and get it for me!


i’m up for a shirt like that as well. Medium would be cool!

Richards just suggested that I get more than one so I can swap some for other cool tshirts, so I think I’ll make that one size 8 for me, and a medium male one that I can trade! If the price does come down I will consider a third one too!

I’m guessing it’s too late to show my idea. It isn’t finished anyway, because the software I am using it annoying and not doing what I want it to do.

Here it is with out the writing. It might do for something else one day other wise.

I want one :smiley:

If somebody wants to swap for a german shirt let me know. Just let me know what size you want and i try to get one.

marco i’m up for that, i’ll get two uk shirts if you want and swap. Sound good?

Sounds good :slight_smile:

I’ll take a large. What size do you want?