UK Unicon Ferry advice or flights

Hey folks well unicon has fast approached without me noticing, and i haven’t booked flights, which if anyone is flying on the sunday i would love to know the details of.
otherwise think im going to ferry it, it seems really cheap and i dont get sea sick.
would be cool to travel with someone else but otherwise any knowledge on the place to ferry to or from would be great

Cheers Lucas

I’m flying on the 25th from birmingham, at about 8:30 in the evening. I can look up the exact details if they’re any use to you.

i’ll send you the details of my flights if you want. watch out for the pm

London Stansted To Copenhagen
dep. Fri 25 Jul 07:10

easyjet for me:p

hey AJ !

aj where on the same flight there… see you on the plane dude!

And me :slight_smile:


And me :slight_smile:


We’re flying 10am on Saturday from Manchester.

I will most likely have to fly at some time on the sunday, or a ferry as that would be preferable. but if you could send the details brendan that would be cool x

The cheap ferries are on Dover/Calais, but you have a very long drive ~700 miles to Copenhagen.

The long ferry goes straight to Denmark but it was cheaper for the family to fly :astonished:



i booked early to get a cheaper price, but i don’t know what it’ll cost now.

how have you both booked in your unis?

I’m sending mine (26" muni and coker) with Roger’s courier (I hope he’s still up for that… better check!), but will need to bring the 26" back in a big suitcase because I need it for a race the weekend after and I want to make sure I’ve got it.


wow sounds cool, I was thinking i’d be on my own !

My uni’ll be in my luggage. clothes are not needed!

im gonna arrange something late in july to get there im sure thats the best plan ha ha ahhh im panicking

Lucas- If you can get your hockey stick to me before july 13th I’ll send it out with my parents who are taking our hockey sticks in their car.
Brendan- same for you tho I’m not sure its so easy for you now you have moved.
rob- hockey stick? I thought not :slight_smile:


I’ll be driving with space for sticks too…

Yes please :smiley:

sounds good sarah i will sort something out

I’m glad I’m not the only one not fully ready! Only just stumbled on this thread now as I was on holiday last week without internet, its a good thing I have so much time to kill that I can get to page 7 of the threads before I get bored.

I haven’t worked out what I’m doing yet, but I’m sure it’ll work out fine whenever. If I fly I might book a flight that others are on to make things more sociable and fun than travelling alone. Anyone flying from Gatwick?

Also, how many unicycles can you fit in a suitcase? And is anyone thinking of going to EJC after/straight from unicon?