Uk uni sellers on the web

> : I’m looking to buy a uni and there isn’t anywhere within 100 miles of here
> : so I want to buy one on the web. I can only find US sites that sell them so
> : if any one knows any UK sites Please let me know.
> So far as I know there is DM selling his unis who has a web page at
> and there is Pashley who make the muni, they
> are not to hot at replying to e-mail but a number of bike shops deal with
> them, ask your local shop and see if they do. I think might
> be a .com tho. Rumor has it that the unicycle soure will be in the UK soon, in
> the shape of Roger Davies. He is in the US at the mo on the Minnesota ride,
> try dropping him e-mail ( and see what he says,
> (you’ll have to wait till next week for a reply i guess) Or you could ask him
> at the British Uni convention 3rd - 5th Sept at Brolli in North Wales check
> for more info.
> Hope to see you at the convention. sarah