UK Uni meets, in Kiddiminster this autum

on behalf of steve grainger. Hi fellow unicyclists

Here are the next dates for our Uni meets:

Saturday 29thSeptember 2001 (Jackie’s ‘House Warming Party’) Saturday
27thOctober 2001 Saturday 1stDecember 2001

The uni meets will start at: 10.00am and finish at 8.00pm.

The venue address is: Sports Hall, HarryCheshire High School,Habberley
Road, Kidderminster,Worcestershire

The cost will be: 8ukp for the Saturday & 10ukp for the Sat & Sun.

A provisional programme would be 10.00am- 12.00am Workshops, Artistic
Skills& Standard Skills 12.00am- 2.00pm Free time/Practice &skill testing
2.00pm- 4.00pm Unicycle Hockey 4.00pm- 5.00pm Free time/Practice &skill
testing 6.00pm Raffle draw 6.00pm- 7.00pm Uni Games 7.00pm-
3.00pm Free Practice Space &Group Freestyle Practice

We will also be (attempting) playing unicycle basketball andalso unicycle
rugby! There will also be some cones available for InternationalObstacle
Course. Roger will be organising a night ride so bring your lightsetc.

Muni rides are on hold due to Foot & Mouth!

We also have a circus club on Sunday which runs from 11.00am - 7.00pm at
the StourportHigh School. Plenty more time topractice and we also do
juggling, tightrope, walking globe, trapeze and muchmore.

If you would like to stay over, you could crash at Jackies NEW house
(bring a sleeping bag). Jackie lives approx 20 mins drive away (muchcloser
than my house!)

There will also be raffles, games, falling over, silliness,dancing on
unis, videos, music, Uni stuff for sale, etc.

There is a local Fish &Chip shop that we phone an orderthrough & they
deliver approx. 30 - 40mins later. They have a good menuinc. pizzas,
burgers, veggie burghers etc.

To book your place or if you have any questions/commentsplease
write/email/phone: Steve Grainger, 'Thalassa, The Bungalow,
Brookfield,Tarrington, Hereford. HR1 4HZ Tel/Fax: 01432 890634
Mobile:07970 107845

Please check to see if all your uni buddies have receivedthis message.

Look forward to seeing you

Steve & Jackie

P.S Jackie will be having a house warming party after the unimeet, which
is open to all. So bring sleeping bags, pop, beer, food, paint
brush, etc We could order pizza take out if any one wants as there
is one close by.