UK uni meet, yesterday.

Yesterday ( Saturday 1st marsh) saw another Uni meeet at axter College
Kidderminster. A gaggle of unicyclists met up to learn, practise and play
together. Steve Grainger ran a whole bunch of begineer level workshops at
one end of the hall. Roger Davis ran an improvers mounts workshop. Hockey
took up a few hours in the afternoon , for four adult and two junior
teams. It was a chance for the kids to play hockey with out grown ups
geting in the way!
UUU levels tests took place for Levels One and Two, a bunch of people
passed L1 and a smaller group passed L2, certificates shold be avalible at
the BUC10 for those who passed. several games of Gladiators and British
Bull dog took place along with a number of sumo bouts ( in both junior and
senior groups).
The Raffle raised 56 ukp towards UUUs eurocycle fund raiseing. Whcich
will halp toward to the cost of hiring a mini bus to take a group of UK
riders to eurocycle ( please contact if you want to
be in that group!)Thank you to everyone who bought tickets and to Beard, and Woods One wheelers amoung others who donated

Also a big thank you to all the Parents who provide transport for their
kids and friends. Some people came long distances to be at this uni
meet, its a toss up as to which was furthest travelled, the Stocktonites
or the Cornish.

Thanks to Steve and Jackie for organsieing the whole hing, lets look
forward to the next gathering, the 10th British Unicycle Convention in


Union of UK Unicyclists
By and for UK riders

ooooohhh, i missed it due to work and a broken uni!
oh well, i’ll defo be there at BUC 10 though! :angry: