Uk uni hockey league - thoughts.

Thanks for all the links and info, It’ll help when I have to try and explain about a sport that still gets the ‘Seriously?’ response when you try and explain to people. Especially when the Union will cover our transport and accommodation costs, supply minibuses and full facilities and money for equipment, they want to know that I’m not just winding them up.

I (and hopefully other members of the as-yet non existant Soton Uni Uni Hockey Team) will be at the SWUM meet this Jan, so will hopefully be able to talk to some of you there, and start organising the Southampton league fixtures.


Sarah, is the tournamant confirmed now? What with xmas coming up there aren’t many more practice sessions between now then. There’s nothing in the UDC calender.

yep- def going ahead, i had the hall confirmation 2 days ago. web page is now up, udc will be updated after I’ve mailed them tonight.
Will be a league torny. points allocation still to be finalised. Looking forward to seeing teams from Bristol and Southampton, Calstock and Devon among others

Nice going Sarah.
Organising is a thankless task. Thanx for doing it!