Uk uni hockey league - thoughts.

Do you want me to answer that? :stuck_out_tongue:

I can imagine you’re all too polite to fight anyway.

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We’re on the verge of a breakthrough here in Southampton, I’ve almost (after 2 months of organisation) got us a slot in the university sports hall for a weekly practice. I think it makes us the worlds first University Unicycle Hockey Team? I’m going to e-mail Rocket and see if he knows about clubs on the continent who might be associated with universities.

It also means we will be able to hold a tournament here very easily, with a full-size indoor pitch and world class facilities. Now we just need to hope we’re too far away for anyone to bother and it’ll just be us and SWUM battling for points :P.


Hopeing to scratch something together next term, short on players and somewhere to ride at the moment but who knows. Trouble is during term time no-one in Oxford has transport so getting to tournaments may well be tricky, but Im sure we can get to some of them. I’m not really fussed about points, but it might give our club some direction and focus.

I’d like (for totally selfish reasons) to see a system that didn’t totally disadvantage people who didn’t have access to a regular team.

Far from I’m afraid. Bristol Uni was the hockey team Paul and i played for at teh 1st BUC back in 1992 . A number of the German teams are university connected and use their sumptuous german sports facilities for weekly practise and conventions.

Yo i will volunteer to try and get in the south west team if i can please judging on my swum performance i may b a good bench warmer or left back… in the changing rooms

I can’t find any information regarding the (pre-internet :p) Bristol Club, but I can’t imagine, at least back then, it being part of the Athletics Union. Hopefully, (long term plans) part of our use of facilities and being a valid sports club, we may at the end of the year become an AU club at southampton, thus we will be officially be representing the University in competition (and get funding to do so).


Love your work.

I know it’s far off and expensive and a silly idea but with the growth of ‘the sport’ (how cute a way was that to get around the spelling-issue?) in SA (we’ve added a new team’s worth of players in the past 3 months), we’re itching for some international exposure/competition/oodle-of-fun.
We have a great rink and can arrange home-stays. So if your uni-uni team is in need of a road-trip…

Loosemoose, I’m pretty sure there used to be a unicycle hockey team at the University of Surrey in Guildford. On the list of clubs and societies in their prospectus unicycle hockey is listed, but I’m guessing the team doesn’t exist anymore because I can’t find anything on the internet about it, and also because I’m sure someone here would know if they were still around.

I’m up for a league. I like the idea of mixing it up with scratch teams to make sure as many people as possible can get a game. When the old league was running most tournaments would have one or two scratch teams. There would often be couple teams who could only muster three or four players (especially for a ‘b’ team) and would need some extra on the day. I agree with Roland about playing for nominated teams but we’ll need a bit of flexibility and maybe a transfer window for people who move.

Maybe we could have a scratch league as well… I’m thinking about this as I type so bear with me… Every player who plays in a scratch team gets that team’s points than at the end of the season you could have a scratch champion. It should be possible to have a scratch team at every tournament so as to let everbody who wants to get a game

I’m sure Bristol can get a team together for January

Loose: there are a couple of uni clubs listed here (including bristol) if you want to carry on your research: The team I played on in for the 1st european championship (in 1993) were all members of the Southampton University Juggling Club. We had some university funding for equipment but weren’t a AU team

I’m in. Thanks for getting the ball rolling Sarah.

Need to get a Cambridge team together…


Thanks for the input peeps. I’ll give some more thought to points alacation over the next few days. Also like the idea that each team should organise a round of games. That would mean every team got a “home” game. The scratch games equal personal points idea… need to think about that one, sound slike a LOT of admin to kep it working right.

All of us at Calstock Uni club are practising hard!

Sounds good, Sarah.

I’m sure a few of us at Stockton could put a team together.

A UK league would be great!


So is this definitley going to be the first fixture of the league? The EMU’s are definitely up for the league but as its a 9hr round trip for us to Exeter (and I know others have longer journeys :slight_smile: ) and I’ll struggle to convince people its a good idea if it isn’t a league fixture. With team composition, we’re interested in having two teams although probably not at every tournament obviously depending on player availability so what what the rules be for players playing for an ‘A’ team or a ‘B’ team?

Nick’s point that a player should be able to play for a different team seems very reasonable if they move areas but I can’t imagine too many other reasons that a player would change teams during the courrs of the season.

And hopefully for anyone without a team worrying about not getting to play, I would hope that scratch teams will be able to enter tournaments and I would also hope that there will still be a good number of completely scratch tournaments throughout the year - the EMU’s will definitely still be doing one or two scratch tournaments to encourage new players - the Winter warmer EMU Winter warmer on the 20th January being a fine example of this (sorry for the shameless plug)


Thanks for all the links and info, It’ll help when I have to try and explain about a sport that still gets the ‘Seriously?’ response when you try and explain to people. Especially when the Union will cover our transport and accommodation costs, supply minibuses and full facilities and money for equipment, they want to know that I’m not just winding them up.

I (and hopefully other members of the as-yet non existant Soton Uni Uni Hockey Team) will be at the SWUM meet this Jan, so will hopefully be able to talk to some of you there, and start organising the Southampton league fixtures.


Sarah, is the tournamant confirmed now? What with xmas coming up there aren’t many more practice sessions between now then. There’s nothing in the UDC calender.

yep- def going ahead, i had the hall confirmation 2 days ago. web page is now up, udc will be updated after I’ve mailed them tonight.
Will be a league torny. points allocation still to be finalised. Looking forward to seeing teams from Bristol and Southampton, Calstock and Devon among others

Nice going Sarah.
Organising is a thankless task. Thanx for doing it!