UK uni groups

I am tring to get hold of some UK uni groups, if anyone can mail me me contact
names and addresses for them I’d be really greatfull

Hastings Unicycle Group

Brisol Freaks Hockey club

Leeds Hockey Club ( e-mail contact address needed )

Any other Hockey groups still in exsistance

Any other Uni groups I don’t know about

Russels Cardiff group

Any Circus clubs with a lot of Uniers

I am trying to compile a mail list for forthcoming uni events and also to put
together info on uni activities up and down the country, before the Red Bull
mountain Mayhem event. At which there will be a stand promoting unicycling. If
you want your group represented there send me flyers and a poster or better
still come along and join in the fun.

Red Bull Mountain Mayhem 26-27 June Sandwell park Nr Birminghm UK

24 minute unicycle race 24 hour Mountain bike race

                  Non Stop Party