UK TV - on at last

River Deep, Mountain High BBC1 8pm-9pm Thursday, 22 Jun 2000

Chris Riley wrote a summary in The Daily Telegraph:

Two competing families spend 36 hours careering over 100 square miles of the
Lake District, lugging laptops and in search of instruction-bearing CD-roms,
tackling a range of tough physical challenges from gorge-traversing and
mountain-biking to swimming up icy rivers. It’s part of the BBC’s Get Your Kit
On campaign, to encourage people to take part in outdoor activities, although
the truly dedicated couch potato will probably view it more as a cautionary
tale. We begin with each family member learning one essential practical skill,
although no one yet knows to what use they’ll be put. A one-off, but don’t bet
on it not becoming a fully-fledged series.

No mention of unicycling, but it could, with some imagination, be one of the
“essential practical skills”.