UK trick clips game

Ok heres the idea and i mean this in the nicest way possible, us uk riders are pretty slow on the catch up in general there are some that are keeping up with the standard (i’m talkin mainly street here) eg Mike and Dale but othere than that were falling behind and I think that trick clips game works really well and probably improves people really quickly. but we cannot join in because were not good enough yet.

So I was thinking we do a uk version with just single tricks, only flatland but anything flatland.

It will work like the skate game SKATE but we will spell UNI and maybe later change to unicycle see how it goes.

I think we should try and keep the standard high but no double flips just yet mike save it for later.

The idea is the first person posts a trick
on video

and then from the time its posted everyone has 24 hours to get the same trick posted. maybe we will make that longer but for now lets say 24 hours.

After one trick has been posted and 24 hours has pasted,m everyone that hasnt posted the trick gets a letter eg. U.

Are you lot up for trying this and shall i start

Great idea Champ, count me in!


Confused but ill join in…

well i expect mike dale eddbmxdude
loose moose maybe
duno who else once we get 5 or so i will post a trick tonight and i will start
the first person to post the trick gets to start the next go which will start tomoro night some time

Every played the multi-player game HORSE in any of the tony hawk games? he’s talking about that. It’s also refered to by skaters as POSER.

Normally you do this in person with people and it works as follows.
Someone does a trick, and then you attempt to copy it, if you can copy it then you’re safe and you dont get a letter. if you fail, then you get the letter P, this continues untill someone spells out POSER and then they are the loser.

He’s proposing an internet version of the game where someone hosts a short video clip of a move, and then everyone has 24 hours to attempt it and send in a clip showing that they’ve matched it. If you fail, you get a letter. Same as POSER.

Get it?

Sounds fun guys, I’d join but 1) I’m not from the UK and 2) I’ve yet to even get a unicycle:o

lol, good luck


Oh and the word you spell is usually negative, so maybe try something other then Uni, perhaps PEDESTRAIN or something.

Ok i suggest we use combos cos now that i think of it I think we would run out of tricks fairly quickly, you can use single tricks aswell but if you want you can use combos maximum 5 tricks

I will start here is mine

jump mount
180 uni spin
uni spin
seat drop
leg wrap

oh and the word is BISHOP

heres the link

Let the game begin!

yo im in

i have no uncicycle but wen i do ill film

me too, i’m in!

yeh all in the same shot preferably

So do i have to make a video of that combo? lol

Here’s my reply and I believe I’m the first…does that mean that I can create a new combo, I aint in charge here, bt that sounds good to me and I think thats how they do it in the other game.
Anyway here’s my clip, sorry its dark, filmed it late at nite.





I don’t get the point of limiting it to only people in the UK, but whatever.

It’s the name I was born with man, nothing I could do, glad to see another guy rocking it aswell, cause apparently it’s a unisex name and theres some semi-famous designer chick on TV who also has it. Oh well such is life, most people think it’s a pretty cool name, myself included.

Oh and my intials are CGI, beat that.

sorry spencer but we are just not quite good enough to join in on the trick clips game, maybe we should say any nationality but this game is for people that aren’t confident enough to join in on the other game

Yeah, there’s a limit to the technical ability of UK riders compared with others on here, so when the tricks game starts with ‘360 unispin to rolling back crankflip to 180 body varial…’ we’re all a bit scuppered. I don’t think a UK rider has ever posted in one of the other clips game threads.


Sorry to dissapoint anyone but i am already out! I have yet to learn unispins! I will work on it and maybe if we start again i will have got them by then! Im sure Leo will be up for it as he has just learnt unispins!

Rock on!

Right this is silly. Basically we’ve got 8 competitors (or something), most of which are out in the first round, due to not having one of the skills.

My suggestion, for a new variation on the game: Everybody posts a clip of a combo they can do, which is hard for them, and contains the obscure stuff they think is pretty unique. Everybody has a week (or 2) to attempt everyone elses combos, the person who lands the most, wins.

Its like a trials competition, but with street/flatland combos. This way nobody is excluded, and everyone can try for a week to land as many as they can, working on single tricks just to finish off a combo.

Try and make your combo unique and not too impossible (amanda, lucas, I’m looking at you ;)). It’s not limited to street, so stick in some trials stuff if you like, or some freestyle moves, just to break it up a bit. Combos can have obscure limitations to make them trickier, such as hop up an 8 stair set in 4 or less hops, no footer into unispin into seatdrop with less than 10 prehops, that kind of thing)

I can act as auditor and judge if you like, I’ve not got much time so doubt I’ll actually be playing, but I’ll post a simple combo I have on film from a while ago. Its easy, but they can’t all be impossible.

Post your combo’s here, with description of the limitations and tricks, and I’ll collate them all into a single post and start the clock when we’ve got 6 or so.


Well thought out. Im with loose moose. I will join in with this game, i will be able to put something together in the next few days hopefully.

Rock on!

Hmm, I think there is a danger in making this game too complicated. One of the benefits of this game, it seems to me, is if you can’t do a trick there is encouragement and incentive to learn the move. I have always believed riding with other riders means you progress faster as you push each other to ride better. This is for those, including myself, who often ride alone, virtual riding partners if you will, to push each other to the limit and have abit of fun at the same time. Sure if you guys wanna do the whole 8 set in 4 hops or whatever then go ride ahead, but I don’t believe it has longivity and will probably die out due to over complications.

Keep it simple.