[UK] Trials/Street/whatever Ride in York on the 28th August

well i’ll be in york for a while - when do you recon you’ll be able to be in york by?.. can’t you get your lesson moved to a different slot? sucks but oh well i’ll still be riding for quite a while.

unfortunatly its too late to move it. il try and get the last bus into york at 16.11 which shud get in at 16.55 and then we can both get a lift back later with my parents whenever. hopefully there will be enough people getting later trains to make it worthwhile hint hint:slight_smile:

Just a check to see iff everybody can still make it?

Thank you for honoring my birthday with yet another ride.

yep still going to be there. cya all in york

some pictures from the day:

and matt did do some riding just no evidence of it…

i have a few more on facebook - add me if you want them, and if you ask nicely i can try and get some full res ones off liv, might take a while though. Sorry about the blurry ones, blame the photographer :wink:

Looks like some nice trials spots.

We found a lot fewer spots than we expected and we got kicked off the best ones but the day was still pretty damn fun.

This was the only half decent photo I got from that day. I didn’t manage to get any of people.

i love the way my bag made it onto pretty much every picture…