[UK] Trials/Street/whatever Ride in York on the 28th August

I’m going to york on the 28th of august, i’ll be at the train station around 12-1pm hopefully and leaving late at night. And yes i’ll be able to ride, my foot will be PERFECT by then!

Who’s up for a ride?

I’m thinking all these hull riders can come along - dane and co.
And all these NUTS fools…

I’m pretty sure matt wood and liv will be there but it’d be cool to get a big group.



I was going to post this eventually

Yep I will be there

Come on people you know you want a ride!

I would but its in the middle of the week! Theres a London ride on the previous Sunday too. Its a bit far but I would like to ride York at some point.

ah sorry about that edd, time was hard to agree allready! and can’t make the london ride sorry, but i’ll be in cambridge in september, you’ll have to come up or i’ll come down and ride with you someday then. although i’m very unclear as to where i’ll be after august

I dont know that there are many Hull riders theres that lad “wheres your other wheel” and me as far as i can gather. Anyway Brendan what brings you to these parts?


Theres also a guy called Dannyfromhull
who ive rode with he goes around marina on sundays,
he doesnt come on the forum mutch though.
Ive tought 2 of my friends how to ride they can do 180s and a few other
easy things and one of them is going to buy a trials uni.

I know a few other people who are learning to ride,
what skill level do you want the people who go to be at…

Jonny if you and some other mates want to go i can drive up to york instead of taking the train which would work out about £5 each.

I wouldnt worry about how well people can ride providing that they are able to ride unassisted, there’s always things to keep people of all abilities entertained


Im not sure iff danny even rides anymore
but ill ask some friends iff they want to go
and ask my parents iff i can go.

well dane i wanted to meet your mum. No i’m back in cambridge and me and matt wanted a to ride. so york it is.

Ability? You don’t even have to be able to ride a unicycle. As long as you have one. Nah seriously, i don’t care if you can’t do anything it’s just a fun meet to have a laugh and get some experience. If it wasn’t i wouldn’t be able to go myself lol.

Looking forward to seeing you and danny there jonny!


where abouts in york is the meet?

at the train station - or just outsite. PM me for my number just in case we get a little lost/late or you are late and want to meet somewhere else.

I will be there
with my friend kieran whos only got a 24"
learner, but he can still ride and hop and stuff.
We will be at trian station for around 12.30.

Danny isnt replying to his PMs so i dont
knw about him.

ok nice one, i’ll see you all there!

I might be able to come. I’ll see if I could catch the train with either of the two other sheffield riders.

hey that’d be really cool! The more the merrier.

Yer that would be great caudy.
also im going to get a lift from my mum
because she wants to go shopping in york for the day
but thanks for the offer dane.

I can come. I’ll have to catch the train up on my own as no one else from sheffield can come. I can catch trains that arrive at 11:29 or 13:29. I don’t know which one would be best to catch. Will there be anyone there at half 11 or should i just catch the later train and meet up with people somewhere.

dunno i’ll be there around 12.30, but tbh arriving early’s never been a problem for me, just do some practice riding :wink: or find some spots!

like brendan said you could do abit of pravtice riding
and get some lunch?
i will be there at 12 - 12:30



i have a driving lesson that day that i had forgotten about and really cant miss. its 1-4pm. how many people and for how long will be people be hanging around?

i really want to get out and have a ride, especially as so many people i don’t no are coming so close.

it would be really cool if people could make a day of it, rather than just an afternoon