UK trials/street riders... read in

I’m just wondering, what is the UK scene like these days? If any of you are UK riders doing trials, street, flat, or regularly go on those types of rides, post up! I’m curious to know how many people there are and in what locations. For the longest time it seemed the whole scene quietened down and a bunch of unfamiliar talented younger faces started popping up here and there.

If you want, you could put it in this format:

-How long you’ve ridden

If I do actually get around to rebuilding my uni, I’d like to get to know the new faces of the UK scene.


Hey sponge! i used to live near you, in Banstead :smiley:
I’m in newcastle now though!
-Name Alister (Ali) Burt
-Age 15
-Discipline(s) I cant do anything except trials, even then im not at all good.
-Location Newcastle :slight_smile:
-How long you’ve ridden: coming up to 18 months, more than half of which has been spent with injuries and recovery and stuff

You have to rebuild your uni, it’s so nice!

-Name: Simon Berry
-Age: 15
-Disciplines: Street/Flatland
-Location: King’s Lynn, Norfolk
-How long you’ve ridden: 2.5 years (1.5 years ‘properly’)

Mike taylor rides trials aswell, he’s only 16 and has a 135cm sidehop, he doesn’t post here much though :slight_smile:
Neither does Sam Taylor, he’s an awesome street rider from down south :slight_smile:

-Name: Rich Grundy
-Age: 19
-Disciplines: Trials/Street
-Location: Sherborne, Dorset (Home) or Loughborough Uni
-How long you’ve ridden: Learnt to ride when I was about 13 and then stopped, started properly about 10 months ago

Good idea, would be nice to know who is around me :slight_smile:

cheers simon, um i just try to spend more time riding then on the internet, but if that was the case iwoudent even have time to right this message lol. Making a new film though so got some motivation infact i actually lovin ridin since like yesterday.

Riders down here



couple others

My predictions were correct afterall. I do hope the new young’uns on the UK scene stick to the sport in a few years time. The curse of unicyling seems to be the brightest flames burn out twice as fast.

Anyone nearer 18/19/20 range? I miss the old unicyling days with Joe Hodges, Edd Hawkes, Mike Swarbrick.

Perhaps I’ll organise another big London ride some day.

Haha, don’t slit your wrist’s yet.

Hodges and Edd still ride, I ride (21), Joe Baxter (22), Leo Hawkes (21), Brendan Le Foll (20 I think), Marcus Collings (20 I think).

There will be others, once I’ve had a thought, plenty grown ups still riding so don’t worry!

They all still ride to

One of the many reasons why I enjoy Flatland BMX and Trials more than unicycling is because riders and the people you meet are comparatively more mature and less early teens. Unicycling was much easier to move on from than other sports too.

Sweet to hear the old folks are still riding. I know Joe still does, we just go riding in town even though I don’t use a uni anymore.

I want to get back into it again since I recall just how much fun I had a few years back.

Name - Nasher
Age - 55 (but if any asks 45 & mental age 18)
Discipline(s) - street, distance, muni, giraffe
Location - South Wales
How long you’ve ridden - 20 years


The UK scene is alive! I think its more alive than its ever been. I held a competition last year. Slightly disappointing turnout, but if I do another Im hoping to make it bigger and better.

We also held a meet in March, had a very good turnout. Heres the vid:

Loads of new talent coming up. Mike Taylor as already mentioned and Simon Berry and Sam Taylor.

All the ‘old Skool’ (Mostly) still ride. Mike S has been under a rock but we’re dragging him back. He came to the Voodoo Jam ^^^^
Having said that, I havent seen or heard from Lucas in about a year.

I got your email btw dude. Will reply when I get a chance.


I am Mike, I ride street. Mmmmm street.

I’m not yet back into it, but its in progress, im slowly gathering motivation again, but its not coming fast if im honest.
I like what voodoo are doing i wish i still had an obsession going