[UK] Trials ride: Aylesbury, 21/11/2009 [UK]

Mike (Swarbrim) and I have decided to organise a trials ride in Aylesbury on Saturday 21/11/2009, although we are open to the suggestion of having it on the Sunday of that weekend. I suggest we meet at 10am in the north east corner of Morrisons car park (HP20 2HX) as it is free of charge and near both the bus station and railway station, but this is subject to change.
Aylesbury has quite a lot to ride: loads of stairs, a skate park, general things to hop onto, off of and gap, and some wide skinnies.

As well as me and Mike, I would hope the following can attend: Edd, Leo, Kit (MrBoogieJuice), and Neil (Shinpa).