[UK] Trials Demo and Mini Comp [UK]

Right, This is a definate go now. I have had comfirmation that we do have a space on the green.

Saturday 4th July + Sunday 5th July

Eaton Bray village Carnival on Saturday: Map
Chicksands on Sunday: Map


On Saturday there is the Eaton Bray village carnival. We are having a trials course set up to demostrate trials to the public. If there are enough competitiors we will also hold a mini competition. Heres the website for more information on the carnival.
On the Sunday we will be having a Muni ride in nearby Chicksands. There is a decent amount of Northshore up there aswell as a dual slalom and 4x track (Which aren’t as good on unicycles). There are also lots of easy, wide tracks that go all around Rowny warren wood which I would imagine would be good for a blast around on a 36er. Heres the website for chicksands. Bring a fiver, sometimes the bloke doesn’t come round, but best be on the safe side.

There will be accomodation at my parents if anyone would like to do both days, or if you would like to do one day but don’t fancy doing all the driving in one day. There is floor space for a few and also space for 3 or so smallish tents in the garden. We will be having a BBQ on the Saturday night if the weathers good, just bring something to stick on it!

If we can get enough riders together to hold a decent competition I’ll be chuffed. Remember, anyone can enter, you don’t have to be really good. Its all about having fun, and you never know, you could do better than you think!

If you could let me know if you want to come asap so we know numbers for sleeping arrangments and food ect.


Webpage is now online!


I shall endeavour to make it to this… Be good to see the brothers Hawkes again.

Dunno if I’ll be much use to you for the demo though… My trials skills are more out of shape than a bag of smashed crabs.

We would welcome you with open arms Kit!
Saying that, Leo will be in Spain at the time, so you will have to make do with just me :slight_smile:
Your trials skills are more than up to scratch for what we are planning. Its not a formal type of demo, just riding the course and letting the public watch. The demo was just a weak excuse to get the organisers to let us hold the comp really.


The organisers are being really awkward and saying we need to provide them with a list of riders beforehand. Only people on that list will be able to ride the course. So we really need to know if you are definitely going to be attending.
If you are not sure yet and don’t get on the list you can still come along, you just might not be able to ride the trials course. This does NOT mean you can’t do the muni on the Sunday, its a completely separate venue.



Till when do you need to know wether we are coming ?

I realy would like to come, but i don’t know jet if ai can get a lift.

jan lukas

Update: 01/06/09

There has been a slight change in the venue due to the organisers of the carnival putting some very strict terms on what we could and couldn’t do. Some of them would have sucked the fun right out of it.
Now we have secured a piece of land on a local farm to hold the competition. There will be no demo to the public, but we will be able to have more of a jam/free ride before and after the competition. Its in the same village, so the directions still apply. I will send everyone a message with more precise directions nearer the time.
The muni is not affected and will still be held on the sunday.

naaah jokers!

still it’ll be wicked to ride anyway;)

Hey guys and girls.

Less than a week to go now!
Everyone that is coming could you please PM me or send me an email so I can give you a postcode and contact numbers. Don’t particularly want to put them on a public forum. We also need to know if you are staying.
We have certificates and a trophy sorted for the winner.
Roll on next Saturday! :slight_smile:

See you there!


Right, this is fast approaching now.
If you are planning on coming and you haven’t already sent me a message, could you please let me know what days you are planning on coming for and wether you are staying on the saturday night.