UK Trials and Street Nationals - 3rd/4th December 2011

Hi everyone,

Voodoo Unicycles will be holding a trials and street competition on 3rd and 4th December at Dynamix Skatepark in Gateshead.
There will be a street competition using the skatepark, and a trials competition held on a specially built trials course. We’re hoping that thecomps will be for the national titles, but this is TBC.

These are the only details we can release at the moment, but we thought we’d let everyone know as early as possible to try and maximise the turnout.
Check the UK forum and facebook for updates, I won’t be maintaining this thread.

Hope you can make it,

Team Voodoo

This isn’t just for the benefit of UK riders, everyone is welcome. We have accommodation for all and we’d love to see some European riders, maybe even riders from further a field.


awesome venue too, check it out:

its very much a work in progress, but every time I go back I can’t believe how much its changed. It will be even more developed by Dec!

It is walking distance from Newcastle Central Station, which itself is 15mins on a Metro Train from Newcastle Airport. Lifts to and from airport can be arranged.

See you there!!


This looks like fun. Im gunna take a look into flights!

Hope you make it Justin! Would be great to meet you.

Here’s a little video of myself and Joe to help raise some interest, this was the first time we saw the venue and it has been developed a lot since then, enjoy!

Heres the official flyer. The UK street and trials titles will be up for grabs.
Justin Kohse is coming all the way over for this, big ups! Who else is stepping up?

Just bumping this up seeing as its just over 2 weeks away and the thread hasn’t been approved for News and Announcements yet.

Joe Baxter and Jason Auld will be down at the skatepark this weekend building the trials and street course. Being national trials and street champions respectively, the courses really will be designed for riders by riders! :slight_smile:

Justin Kohse is coming all the way from Canada land, any other international riders stepping up and coming to the best competition the UK has seen so far? will also be there all day Saturday to help with maintainance and repairs (or upgrades).


A little bird tells me Germany will also be represented!

Seeing as its less than 2 weeks now, and the thread in News and Announcements still hasn’t been approved, im going to keep bumping this up. Wouldn’t want anyone to miss it. :slight_smile:

Joe and Jas were down at the venue at the weekend building for the trials competition. Heres a couple of sneak peaks at the obstacles.