UK Trials and Street League

The first season of the UK Street and Trials League is here to replace the national competitions at BUC and the tour kicks off in the nations capital, London on Saturday, June 2nd.
Unlike the conventional competitions at global Unicycling events, the courses for both Street and Trials will not be fabricated or designed by judges or even riders themselves, the courses will be pure urban obstacles, untouched by organisers, untamed by unions, as raw as the local council intended. Surely this is Street and Trials at it’s purest? The tour then stops off in 4 more cities:

Newcastle 7th July
Bristol 11th August
Birmingham 22nd September
Milton Keynes 3rd November

Heres a map we’ve made with more detailed information on meeting places etc. We’ll add more information on it as time goes on.

The competitions will take place over one day, will be self judged and will abide by IUF guidelines. Each rider will be given points reflecting the position they finish in each event, the rider finishing highest getting the maximum points and the rider finishing lowest, the minimum. At the end of the tour, the rider with the highest score will win the UUU trophy for their respective discipline and be crowned UK Champion.

This is a chance to not only improve your riding, compete with the best in the country and hit some spots in cities you’re never been too, it’s also a chance to meet up with riders and socialise on a monthly basis. Don’t worry if you take your riding less seriously than others, have a relaxed ride, have fun and make new friends. The Street and Trials League is by riders, for riders.

Feel free to print the flyer out and pass it around, we need all the help we can get!

Thanks, hope to see you all there.

Passing by

Might take a look at the Newcastle event on my way to the unicon :slight_smile:

Im so coming to the one in Milton Keynes!!!

Thumbs up, cool to hear. But where in London will it be?

We’ve made a map with all the locations and meeting places on. Still a bit more to add, but its mostly there :slight_smile:

Bump! The first stop on the UK tour is in London this weekend coming (2nd June). Its the Jubilee bank holiday weekend, so make it memorable by attending what will probably be the biggest London ride to date.

See you there! :slight_smile:

First ride in London is tomorrow! Hope you’ve been practicing :slight_smile:

Sounds like great fun. I wish they had this type of event where I live…

Great day in London yesterday. Thanks to all those that showed up, nice to see a lot of new faces. Good atmosphere and really cool stuff was pulled off :slight_smile:

Heres the results to the first round:

Street: Simon Berry 1st, Jason Auld 2nd and Mike Taylor 3rd.

Trials: Mike Taylor 1st, Simon Berry 2nd, Will Sheppard 3rd

See you all in Newcastle in July!

Would love to go see the finals!!

This is such a good idea, I wish there was something like this in the US. Is anyone filming?

Book travel now and you can get cheap deals!

Organise one! Its much easier than organising an event. You don’t have to worry about venues or anything like that. Set a time and place and see who turns up :slight_smile:
Yep, editing the video together this week. Hopefully it’ll be ready for early next week.

Much easier said than done in the U.S. I have yet to find another Unicyclist within a 3 hour drive of me. I can’t organize a “league” with only one member. :smiley:

Anyway, I’m trying to change this. I’m going to start offering free lessons to local Church youth groups or something. If I can’t find another Unicyclist, maybe I can make one!

I know what you’re saying, and the US is certainly a lot bigger than the UK, but we had a few riders drive 8 hours to come to the first round :astonished:

Heres the results to the first round in PDF, if anyone is interested.

Heres the video from the London event.
If you have been thinking about coming along, hopefully this vid will demonstrate the mix of skill levels involved. You don’t have to be an amazing street or trials rider, everyone got involved and had fun :slight_smile:

Enjoy, see you in Newcastle in July!


Been a while since I posted in here, but we’ve have to first 3 rounds now. You can check the results and the total running scores on our website :slight_smile:

The videos from the Newcastle and Bristol rounds will be out ASAP!
Next round is in Birmingham on 22nd September.