UK travel to Unicon

Who’s going when, and how?

I’m currently planning on Sat 27th to Mon 4th flying with SAS from Heathrow. Anyone seen any other good deals?

I’ve just booked our tickets with Scandinavian airlines flying out on Sat 26th and coming home on Tuesday 5th. Flying from Manchester Airport.

I’m flying 25th July on Scandinavian, also Ken Looi and Tony Melton on the same flight I think

muzzle, he said from the UK

I’m probably going, but haven’t really looked into it yet. S’pose I should get my arse in gear!

Nick: as you’re flying from London does that mean there are no flights from Bristol? Or it it just much cheaper or easier that way? The only time I’ve used SAS was to get to Norway with a bike, and they were very expensive but less fussy about carrying big stuff than cheaper airlines - but I did have to fly from one of the London airports (can’t remember which). But that was ages ago (must have been 1992 I think).

What’s the chances of getting a coker through a flight in one piece? (actually I’d be secretly quite happy if they mangled it on the way back - give me an excuse to buy a nice new wheel with ally rim and stuff…)

Personally I’d much rather drive there (or even ride), but that’s not really fair on little Alice (she’ll be just 3 by then). And I wouldn’t be able to get long enough off work, so flying it is.


Rob, I couldn’t find any flights from Bristol. SAS have just started flying from Bristol, but not to Copenhagen. Flights from Heathrow are fairly cheap (£30-£50 each way) and several times a day rather than stupidly early in the morning. I quite fancy driving, too, but the direct ferry is ridiculously expensive and dover/calais is quite a hike. I need to check out the bike situation but I’m only taking a freestyle and a 24" muni so it should fit in normal luggage. Hockey stick is the tricky bit for me.

Thanks Nick. At least Heathrow is relatively easy to get to from this side - that’s not a bad price either - I think I paid about £250 return when I went to Norway with SAS, but I suppose flights are generally cheaper now.

I was semi-serious about driving or riding. I’d go on the Plymouth-Roscoff ferry and through France, Belgium, Germany and Denmark. Time is a problem for me now (certainly if riding) but I reckon it’d be a fantastic trip. If I rode it I’d send most of my luggage and muni on ahead and just take minimum kit with me. I like that sort of long ride - never done it on a unicycle but we used to do a lot of it on bikes before we became sensible parents.

But practicality says I’ll be flying, so need to devise some sort of bag or box for the coker at least.


My parents said I could go, if I walked. Anybody else walking? Be nice to have sombody to keep me company on the journy. :slight_smile:

If anyone from the UK needs unicycles shipping to Denmark and back again. We can probably arrange it. With cheap airlines refusing to allow lots of luggage this may be a good option. Cost would be about £24 each way for upto 30Kg.

Me, me. I could do with having my N36 shipped over.

Would that include 36" wheels and hockey sticks? Considering the road journey is a 1600 mile round trip, even when living in the South East, the thought of shipping / flying is tempting.


That sounds good Roger. Would we need to find boxes or packing materials?


We are flying with a danish budget airline. Gatwick to Copenhagen middle of day flights. 3 of us return plus baggage under 300 gbp. They also fly from East Midlands airport.

I guess we can do all the sticks in one batch if we work together.

I would suggest yes as you will need to get it up to me or I can send directly from you… I would suggest a good box or bag. Like the way that Nathan described in his Unimag article


-> 25th and
<- 4th

easyjet from stansted.

45 quid out 20 quid back including tax.

hopefully shld be booked soon.