[UK] The Downhill Christmas Challenge [UK]


Woooooohhoooo 6 days people! Whooooooo’s coming?
I think i REALLY need a good MUni ride/event to summon up the year, certainly looking forward to this laugh!



Also I hear Santa himself might be taking time off from his shameless pimping of material goods at an otherwise slow time for the economy, and putting in an appearance…

Ho ho ho!

I’m actually not working this weekend now… I could be tempted to come along. Are you still offering liftage Mr Tolliday?

Yes indeed. Will speak on msn/phone and sort it

I’m tempted to come too, if I can just shake this cold I’ve got.

Yay, do come!
Heres some more pictures of us having fun at Ashridge!

OMG!!! My arms bending the wrong way!

Fun, Fun, Fun!


sounds like fun

I’ll come! I’m sorely unfit and out of practice but this looks like a good place to have a flee about before falling over knackered.

If anyone wants a lift let me know, I’ll be driving from SW london (clapham).



Join the club.
I can’t even ride a unicycle!

Oop. Did I say that out loud?

WOOHOO! Only 1 more sleep till fun time!


Hey guys,

If anyone wants to get hold of me, my number is 07940988265. Ill put my phone on charge now.

See you all at 10:30 tomorrow!

I’m out I’m afraid.
I’m still full of cold.

blows nose

NOooooo! the winter weather is taking us out one by one! lol

Edd, you must have been soooo busy at work today, with all that speech bubble drawing n all. :astonished: Good job!

On a serious note tis a shame you couldn’t make it Mr blue, we’ll try an take some picys for you an everyone else who couldn’t make it.


Well, it was a great day, despite only 3 other people turnig up! Tom, who I met at BUC came and so did 2 others, Rich and Lou.
I really enjoyed myself despite falling off more than riding. We got some really good videos, so there will be a video along soon.
Im hurting now though!
I didn’t get many photos, I was getting videos more really.

I really enjoyed myself, thanks to all that turned up, it was a great day!


Sorry I couldn’t make it.
Still all bunged up.

Love the hat.

Wow, Wot fun…

Never done anything like this & was absolutly amazed by the whole experience, we only wish we could of got involved more, thankfully Rich had a little ride & fall but nothing compared to the others, hopefully santa wil bring us some pads & a trials wheel…

Many thanks to Edd & Leo for organising such fun & thanks to Tom for the use of your unicycle…

Lou took some wicked foto’s… we wil put them on here if we work out how to shrink them down…

Merry Xmas.

yeah, sorry I coudln’t make it, I still have too much homework to do…