[UK] The Downhill Christmas Challenge [UK]

Check it out!

All the details are in the video. Although its called a challenge, there won’t be any official prizes, just the satisfaction of getting down some of the hills on the uni/alive.
Im hoping this will be a fun day out. There are some serious hills in the Ashridge Estate and we plan to try and conquer some of them. Im expecting lots of bailing, but thats half the fun anyway!

So, just for a recap:

Saturday 22nd December 2007
Ashridge Estate
10:30 meet at the bigass monument

Hope to see you there.

Rock on!

That looks a laugh…
Won’t be able to make it unless somebody invents a teleport in the next couple of weeks but good luck anyway.


your map link doesn’t work.

Looks like a laugh though, think I have being at home commitments then though.



Heres a map link that does :slight_smile:

Pah! That doesn’t look very steep! :stuck_out_tongue:

It does look like a good day out, but sadly I’ve alredy got plans for then.

What about the following Saturday?


very tempting - if I’ve done all my homework I’ll be there…
is there a decent pub nearby for lunch?

There is a village at the bottom of the hill with a few pubs in. Never been to them but it is a nice small village and it looks pretty good for lunch.


I’m there dude! Can’t wait! Is Mr. Baxter coming from up North by any chance?? Oh yes, and I think we should add in optional fancy dress, 'tis the season after all… Maybe a special race category for those suitably attired?

Yeeearrgh! fancy dress, now thats an idea? :sunglasses: . It would be hugely cool and fun to have a theme like the sexy saucy santa’s, or cling film or flirty firemen or anything that makes the mere human normals look, laugh and stair at us.


Unfortunately I can’t make it.

Shame really since I have such a lovely outfit I could wear.

If anyone fancies a sharing petrol costs from the East Midlands I’m driving down from near Melton Mowbray - pm or email me matt_tolliday@yahoo.com

Hear that everyone! anyone oo’ wants a free(ish) lift, and is on matts route?

Me an edd route like the road an found some killer hills, i mean edd an me road the route an found some MEGA KILLER hills, i dont even think edd could ride them without a least 2 pints in him. So we have a route sorted anyone else to expect?


I love the way Mike gets his priorities right.

Well, I crashed my car last night, so I don’t know if it will be up and running again in two weeks. Not to worry though as I will just have to get a lift up, which means I can drink more at the pub! :slight_smile:

no - they’re not right. I’ve got homework, then pub, then unicycling - homework should be at the bottom of the list!

hey guys.

I’ve riden Ashridge with these dudes, and its great.

Im not sure yet if ill b able to make it… it will be a last minute decision if i do.

I must also say, well done to you guys for keeping Muni alive and kicking in the UK. These meets are just what we need!


Thanks Joe, everyone knows Muni is best. :slight_smile:


Bumpin’ this to the top. Wanna try and get a decent sized group to this!
Heres some photos to inspire you. It would be great to see some new faces, everyones really friendly and if you don’t think you are at the same level, no one will force you to try anything you’re not 100% comfortable with. So any lurkers on here that are tempted, go on! Its a great way to meet some really cool people.


Ohh, comfy chair action :stuck_out_tongue:

That was just gentle persuasion! :stuck_out_tongue: