UK- SW uni meet - may 26th 2007

The next SWUM will be on May 26th 11am - 5pm at Riverside leisure centre,

Activities at the meet will include unicycle hockey, silly games, UUU levels
tests and skill swap sessions.The hall is large, so half the hall will be
used for hockey or level tests and half will be general practise space.
There is a cafe and vending machines at the leisure centre, pizza hut, pub
and cash points are close by. Parking is free behind the sports centre BUT
you need to give your car reg to leisure centre reception if you are parking
for over 2 hours. Parking in front of the centre ( by the shops) is free for
2 hours.
SWUM web page is at

It will be updated shortly for this event but if you get there before the up
date the venue is the same as our Hockey meet in Jan so the directions and
venue info are still correct.

See you there.

yes awesome i cant wait anoter uni meet :smiley:

thx for organising this sarah, i look forward to it !

Bugger! can’t make this one gutted. am working in clapham common
Keep it up thought sarah I will be at the rest for sure

I should be able to make that. Always good fun, even with the hockey :wink:


i cant make it either :frowning: now southampton are going to lose even worse at hockey!

ooo, sounds tempting, might have to look at the travel costs… hmm, 95 miles each way. Not bad.

Now just to find a long enough sadle post…

Just about to leave, then realised it was yesterday. Oops :o

Hope it went well!


Aside from the horrendous journey down from Bristol, it went well for me. I got DW onto my unicycle and she managed to ride 2/3 the width of the hall, holding my hand:

I think I’ve just about persuaded her that she wants a unicycle for Christmas :slight_smile: