UK- SW uni meet- May 24th Exeter

SWUM are doing it again. Another Uni meet at Riverside leisure centre. Enough space to play hockey AND do workshops, practise, take levels test and talk about a UK unicon T-shirt and the UK South hockey team at unicon- We “could” get some practise in if we all came along.

Open to all riders from the wobbly newbie to the annoyingly good and everyone inbetween. IF you need to borrow a uni please contact me before hand to check i can bring one along for you.

Usual rules about clean tyres and plastic pedals and responsible adult if your under 16- YOU NEED TO BRING THEM.

Brendan MIGHT organise a street / trials ride in the morning.

hmmm… first weekend of 1/2 term, I feel a road trip coming on…

Woo!! I’ll have finished with education for good by then! Freetime is all mine! Thank god for something being planned for after may 14th at last, everything else I want to do coincides with toooo many deadlines!

Hope to see you there! Does it cost? Any plans for a Pizza Hut?

Annatts said-does it cost? fraid so , we need to round up about 140 quid to pay for the hall hire. so expect to pay 5-7 quid each. Not bad for 5 hours unicycling.
plans for pizza? there is pizza hut just across teh road… not the quickest service in teh world but other food outlets do exsist nearby.

Mike- Be good to see you and any copies of the mag you wish to sell. We’ll get some practise in for unicon hockey .

yay i will do me best to be there

Cool- so lucas will head up the annoyingly good briagde - whos gonna keep my dad company in the wobbly corner…
Just to remind any one who hasn’t been before- Its open ALL unicyclists, we will try to find some thing new for you to work on.
3 people on 2 unis for anybody? *

  • one of them doesn’t even need to be able to ride yet. Just brave.

sorry Amanda- its the day CAlstock normally meet so its good for them its also a day my parents can help out with looking after Ed.
We could try for a July sunday meet if you like.

you have loads of money amanda, you know you want to go!
I’ll probably be going,

Hmm thats right in the midle of my main AS exams. If think if someone can garentee there will be some good trials I could posibly come.

…nobody to notice you aren’t there.


Quick bump up the list . SWUM coming soon… next weekend. Please don;t forget. puut it in your calendar and come along to Exeter for an afternoons uni stuff & hockey till your bored of it etc.

brendan- are you meeting people for a trials/ street ride in the morning?

Also- coming up June 22nd
Cycle Sunday - Exeter, flowerpot fields ( near Riverside). Unicycle & trials bike demos for the Wintercranes and friends, 6 & 12 mile traffic free flatish rides open to all, certificates and goodies for finishers. Cycle Circus there with a whole bunch of whacky cycles to try out.

no sorry I can’t make it.

till next time!

I’ll be there but my parents have invited themselves down for that weekend (!) so I’ll probably have to leg it a bit early. So it’d be nice if you could do the fun stuff at the beginning and hockey at the end :wink:


i’ve got no money to travel down for the 24th, but 22nd of june sounds ace- i’ll try and keep some money in reserve for the journey and beg for time off work that day;)

Silly games to start with then Rob!

do I need to point out that June 22nd is NOT a SWUM organised event, its hosted by Cycle Exeter.

The next SWUM , after May 24th , will be SUNDAY July 13th. hopefully some of you youngsters with saturday jobs will be able to make it .

Its on saturday.
counting the days.

woohoo! 4 days! ( i think…)

now to decide which unicycle to bring… it’ll mainly be inside freestyley stuff won’t it? guess that makes the decision for me, unless it’s worth bringing others for random play?

see you there!

all organised - bringing mags, buffs & shirts plus sticks, toys & daughter.

Yeah yeah. YOU are a youngster compared to me tho GAv :slight_smile:

comment was mainly aimed a the cornish and devon kids who keep tourist sttarations running all summer. You know who you are.
see you tomorrow.
No , not you Gav.