UK summer tour...


This summer was thinking about doing abit of a ‘tour’, and going to FLUCK. Now im thinking of incorporating the two.

I’d love to ride with as many people as possible around the country. Thats you NUTS, SLUTS and SWUMers, and anyone else. Hopefully my car will get me there and back, all I ask is a floor to sleep on, possibly a little food (I’ll eat anything), and some people to ride with. I’ll stay for as long or as short as is good for you.

Let me know if your interested. I’m looking at doing it in July, either before, after, or either side of FLUCK.

Its just an idea atm, but I wanna make the most of the time I’ve got off work this summer.


…and Ive just checked easyJet flights. They fly from STN to CPH, £10 there and £16 back, on the 10th/14th respectively (that’s before tax, but it will still be cheap!!)


i’m totally up for it, i have many exams in June though… but that doesnt matter :smiley:

if you do it after july i’ll be in cambridge…

wowza sounds awesome on those flights, im definetly up for that i think. and theres a bed at mine pretty much whenever you want, heck some nights maybe a separate bed lol and ill keep my animals under control lol

Hey Joe… where you going with that gun in your hand?

You’re more than welcome to stay in Macc whilst on your travels and get in some Manchester trials and some MUni round and about. I thought you weren’t going to Fluck… Did the flight prices change your mind? We could organise it so you stay in Macc then travel to wonderful, wonderful Copenhagen together.

What say you?

Hey Joe… i heard you shot your woman down

[SIZE=2]You are of course welcome in warwickshire anytime, we don’t have all that much decent riding but you’re welcome to it.

Thanks guys!

I’m going to draw up a map of places to go, then plan my route acordingly.

Kit that sounds great. I think Ill be flying from Stansted, unless I (or someone else) has cheap flights from somewhere else. Its 210 miles from yours to the airport so I dunno if we will b able to fly together. Idealy I wouldnt leave my car at the airport but stay somewhere close by then get the train or bus in.
I’d love to see your chicken impression on a plane though! :stuck_out_tongue:

Cheers Dave, Ill be sure to pop down, if only to check out your mini if nothing else! :stuck_out_tongue:
Also Brendan cheers!
Lucas, im not fussy if ive got my own bed or not. The floor will do. Have you got a sister? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: hehe


Hey Joe where you gonna run to?

Well, I can’t offer much of the trials/street type riding that you’re looking for, but I can offer you a place to stay in Nottingham with good local beer. If you’re up for some muni or hockey then we could probably chuck some of that in too.


(MUNI + hockey + beer) = paradise - (trials + women)

Sounds great mate… ill be intouch!


I’m not even going to mention the ratio of women to men in Nottingham :slight_smile:

Actually, depending on the situation at the time in the place I stay in London, I could possibly offer acommodation here too… but it would have to be a last minute thing though.

But let me know when you’ve got a rough plan/itinary though.


Yo Joe!

Your more than welcome to stay with Jo and I if you feel like coming down our end! Theres a few good bits for trials and there is quite alot of good muni around here!

Rocko on!

Edd, how about organising a trip to Chicksands while joe’s in the area? Joe, you’d love it there, its awesome.


Hell yeah, that would be awesome, gutted I didn’t come up last time!

Rock on!

Haha, I think I’d get chucked off for being a terrorist. Unleashing bird flu on a plane or sumfink.

Let me know what time/date flights you’re getting anyway as I’ll be pretty flexible about when I can go etc. I’m thinking of spending a day or two in Copenhagen at one end or t’other of Fluck if you fancy it.

haha. that sounds cool Kit, its a lovely city.

Who else flys cheap to Copenhagen? EasyJet only fly from STN.


youve got to come to manchester

im sure kit knows some good places to ride.

sounds like a grand idea

laters(ive never said that in real life)

bye bye( thats much better)

okay dudes. I’m tryin to work out dates now, so please let me know what is best for you… before or after fluck (10th - 14th July)?



I’m home from the last week of june unitl early october, take your pick.

i’d rather after fluck but its up to you, if its after fluck though, i might be able to get u accomodation in bristol

stayin with Kit for abit, then goin down to see Lucas. Im not sure where after there.
I’ll be off again anytime the week startin 23rd July. Let me know if you fancy it. I’ll see what I can do, Id love to ride with as many people, but I cant spend too long doin so.