(UK) South West Uni Meet- May 21st

South West Unicycle Meet
Saturday May 21st 2005, 12-6pm

At a new venue
Ashmoor recreation centre, South Dartmoor Community College, Ballard Lane, Ashburton, Devon, TQ13 7EW .

All the details are on line at

The Ashmoor centre has a large sports hall with Hockey and basket ball goals, there is a small veiwing balcony where we hope to offer free coffee and tea as usual and we will be using the foyer for registration. There are vending machines for snacks and soft drinks. Out side there is ample free car parking and a large playground.
The centre is at the eastern end of Ashburton and is easy to get to by car from the A38. If you are using public transport the nearest train station is Newton Abbott a 20 minute bus ride away on the 88 service, alternatively the X38 bus serves Ashburton from Exeter and Plymouth Bus stations.

As usual we will be playing uni hockey, basketball and silly games. Workshops will include high and long jump and the IUF slalom course (if its dry outside). We welcome offers of help with workshops and registration, in particular this time we need people to time riders on the slalom course and look after the high jump. Please e-mail or pm me if you are willing to help out.

I look forward to seeing you in Ashburton on May 21st.

Sarah Miller

just looked at the map, it’s closer to Exeter that I remembered! :slight_smile:

…but still a long way with two bored kids, atleast they sleep on the way home :smiley: see you Saturday.

2 kids eh, i was curious as this is my first time to a uni meet, will there be many people my age there? my age being 13, has there been many in the past?

and how many people usually turn up to these meetings?



We are going. we are both 14. Three of our friends are going- bishop, alick and gary. They are all 14. There are usually quite a lot of people around our age. The level of skill varies though.

oh yeah, i forgot. I think Joe and Tony are going (13) and Jack and Josh (10). Who else is going?:wink:

woah how come you people know so many unicyclist, i only know one other and he never rides anyway.


by going to the uni meets!!!:slight_smile:

At SWUM Danny is usually the youngest rider as he recently turned 6, although the majority are aged 10 thru adult.

I knew virtually no riders until the first Unimeet I attended a few years back, they are the best place to meet other riders who might live near you. Off-hand I can think of 2 more riders living near you, one of them sometimes attends SWUM.


Latest news on the SW Uni meet.

UUU levels tests will be offered at the meet- including L4+ , certificates are given to UUU memebers who pass level tests, you can join UUU at the meet (£2 for adults,£1 U16)
Plastic pedals , will be on sale if the box from UDC arrives in time.
Unicycle window stickers- will be on sale £2 each.
Tombola - one again you have the chance to win random stuff.
Food and drink- there are vending machines at the sports centre, but please bring a packed lunch and plenty to drink anyway.

Please make sure your tyres are non marking, and please bring plastic pedals or be prepared to buy some at the meet and use them. Spiky metal pedals are not OK indoors or playing hockey.

Please bring roughly the right change for your uni meet registration. Adults cost £6, unwaged inc kids £4, under 9s and spectators £1. Tombola tickets are 20p each. Plastic pedals are £2.50 a pair.

See you there

Very quick reminder- Its tomorrow.
Its NOT in Exeter, its at Ashburton.
NO metal pedals in the hall.


Well it happened. Thanks to all who came and helped out. Congratulations to all those who passed UUU levels tests, including our two new L5 riders Matt and Lucus. Basketball went very well with a mini tourny between Devon, Cornwall, Penguins, Uffculme, Hemeock and Calstock, thank you to Dom, Leo and Lucus for reffing that one.
Hope you all got home safe and dry.

Sorry I missed it, but the temptation to ride would have been too great!

I’ve been told to rest a couple of weeks, so my knee’s not too bad. just need to strengthen the ligaments.

when’s the next one?
was the new venue a success?

The new venue was good - closer than Exeter for me as well :slight_smile:

Shame the school jobsworth wouldn’t let us do the slalom though… I was looking forward to making an arse of myself having a go at that :stuck_out_tongue:

it was great fun, definetly worth the drive down there.

looking forward to going to the next.


We had so many jugglers last time because we had a hall mainly for them. The centre this time only had the 1 hall we could use, so it wasn’t practical. Probably didn’t help that it was outside of Exeter too, as many of the jugglers were locals who don’t really travel much…