UK Roadtrip Video - Voodoo Unicycles and friends

Alright guys and girls!

Justin Kohse came over last December to help us run VUC and judge our street competition. We took him on a roadtrip afterwards all over the UK. He filmed the entire thing and has edited it down into this amazing video. Big up to Justin!

Check it, enjoy!

Team Voodoo

“This video contains content from WMG, who has blocked it in your country on copyright grounds.”

Damn. Justin has the file. I’ll see if we can get it on Vimeo :slight_smile:

EDIT: Turns out its already on Vimeo. Hurray!

Can’t watch right now, but I can’t wait to see it later!! :smiley:

2:31 safe to say thats me, and my 3s of fame wooooo haha

2:31 is the sausage on the plate :thinking: .

:slight_smile: Good riding. Cool locations. Good edit. Good music. Funny bails. I like everything about it.

Crashes are funnier when the shoes go flying.

Haha, cheers guys. All credit goes to Justin Kohse, amazing work by him on the edit!

I have no idea why my shoes always fly off when I bail :thinking:

Sweet video, loved the edit by Mr.Kohse and that skatepark in stoke looks amazing!

Thanks for the post Voodoo boys!

and thanks for the kind comments Uni Community!

It was quite the adventure and i can’t wait to do it all over again. :smiley:

Good stuff, great editing. Will have to meet up sometime :slight_smile:

Justin is a legend, not only as a rider but as a man. I would be happy for him to babysit my children, if I had any. I’ll definitely be heading over to Vancouver to make part 2!

Hopefully this shows you guys the success that VUC 1 was. It was a replacement for the regular UK Nationals which didn’t take place last year and they won’t take part this year either. If VUC 2 happens, get yourself over here and help us make it a great event.


if there’s a flatland comp at VUC2, i would probably come over! :wink:

Great stuff guys! Sick edit Justin! Some realy nice creative lines there :smiley: