UK riders - the Nunt Is On

In case anyone is interested, I’m having a treasure nunt (like a treasure hunt but with a sillier name) on July the 19th. The clues will all be in centralish London, so unicyclable distances apart, if you’re interested in making up a unicycle team (or teams, of about 3 people) for it then post on here, find 2 other people to ride with and then get in touch using the email address in the message. There’ll be a party thingy afterwards. If any unicycle teams are coming then I’ll try and make sure they get to go past some fun unicycling places rather than in the more boring bits of London for unicycles.


the message about the nunt we’ve sent to everyone else follows

Do you want to solve clues?
Do you want to win fabulous prizes?
Do you want to develop your teambuilding skills whilst enjoying yourself in historic London?

Then thats lovely. We however have organised a nunt!

The Nunt Is On!

From the Announcements column of the Times:
If persons known to the organisers care to assemble in London on 19th July they may learn something to their advantage. Further particulars can be obtained by emailing adventureexcitementandmore (AT) joemarshall (DOT) org dot uk

Some further particulars:
Fairly obviously you must let us know if you are coming. Otherwise we won’t give you any clues and that would tax the ingenuity of even the most ardent treasure hunter.

Teams will be made up of three people. If you have two friends who are coming then you can be a team. If you’d rather we put you in a team we’ll try and match you up with people you’d like.

Each team will need to have one mobile phone, one A-Z (preferably of London) and three zones 1-4 travelcards. You will also need to contribute a pound towards the aforementioned fabulous prizes, but you will not need to spend any money on entrance tickets or any nonsense like that.

The first clue will be distributed at the top of the Eurostar escalators in Waterloo Station at 2pm. We do not know how long the expedition will take but we have planned a party at ours for the evening and therefore do not expect anyone to be out overnight.

We accept no liability whatsoever for any conduct that could reasonably be considered to be the consequence of your own stupidity. None of the clues will require you to scale the walls of the Bank of England, enter the Queens bedroom, steal anything from the National Gallery or any other unusually criminal and/or dangerous activity. If you do any of these things you are on your own.

Time to pick up the gauntlet…

Joe and Penny

Re: UK riders - the Nunt Is On

Anyone interested in this? We’ve got a few non-unicycling teams coming, but no unicyclist teams as yet.

Coincidentally, the start of the nunt and some of the clues will be around some pretty good trials riding.


Re: UK riders - the Nunt Is On

joemarshall <> wrote:

> Anyone interested in this? We’ve got a few non-unicycling teams coming,
> but no unicyclist teams as yet.

I’m interested.

I’m even gonna be in London on Saturday.

Sadly I’ll be working 'till 4pm at least. :frowning:


Nick Grey