UK riders for the Dusseldorf Marathon April 2014


I know its a long way off yet but I thought I would make a post as the cheap registration of 54euros finishes on the 31st August.

If anyone from the UK is interested in attending this event and would to travel with us then they would be more than welcome.

I have a motorhome rental business so I normally take one of them to keep accommodation costs down, but I could take more if we have enough willing to come. Its also a really fun road trip :smiley:

Including fuel, ferry, parking, race entry etc you will be looking at about £250 per head

The plan so far is:
Friday 25th Meet up in Hull and board the overnight ferry to Rotterdam
Saturday 26th Arrive in Rotterdam and drive to Dusseldorf
Sunday 27th Race day then drive back to the Netherlands
Monday 28th We normally meet up with a some riders in the Netherlands then take the evening ferry
Tuesday 29th Arrive back at Hull

I thought I would just bump this on a bit as we are starting some of the planning :slight_smile:

Id love to do this, but it’ll have to be next year, or is there any marathons or simmilar In the UK that don’t mind Unis?

2014 is next year :slight_smile:

To my knowledge this is the only one… just means you will have to join us

Won’t be able to afford it this year, as im saving up for my 36" after Xmas, and don’t fancy it on a 26" muni, if it was later in the year I would have tried to save for it :’( im gunna have to keep an eye out for some UK based challenges till then

I know what I mean :stuck_out_tongue:


Just bumping this one along a bit

I need to book the ferry this weekend so if anyone is interested please get back to me ASAP!!