UK Riders at Saab Solomon / Red Bull

Just seen the results for the Saab Solomon/Red Bull 24 hour race, well done to all the unicyclists who rode in it, respect for not coming last.

Did team no brakes really only have 3 riders, or did someone have a transmitter that didn’t work?

I noticed Des Devlin (who I don’t think I know?) did lots of consistently fast laps, looks like Roger is no longer the fastest UK cokerer (unless Des rode a 29er or isn’t a UK rider of course), although it looks like Roger did ride/run the first lap super-fast.


Oh yeah, and while I’m here, does anyone know who rode the Dusk till Dawn night time race last year at Thetford? I met some bike people who said they’d seen unicycles doing that.


O dear… someone wont be happy. Yes there were 4 riders :astonished:

Des is a UK cokeur. I was amazed! he was very fast and it was only his first time.

So did Des… mostly running. His bearing house nut snapped so he had to run the second half.

Ah well, only 2 more years then I’ll be riding too. :slight_smile:

Des is really fast…

but I wont relenquish my title yet :stuck_out_tongue:

First lap… was ahead of him by almost half a mile when his bearing bolt snapped.

His next lap which was his quickest was at dust at 01:10:45 which is over 4 minutes slower than my first lap and over a minute slower than my only other full daytime lap (my 4th).

My 2 laps in the night I must say were slower at 01:15:18 and 01:23:52… but considering I had light problems on both laps, I am quite happy with them (I broke my main light on both laps).

For those who look, the last lap does not count because I was lurking for the end… there was no way that I was doing 3 laps on the trot!

And for those people who do look… check out Yoggi’s (Benjamin)times. remember he was riding in a bike team with no training on the unicycle he had borrowed and only ridden once before the race!

We do need to look out for Des though… he is a really stong rider. I must remember not to be ill for the race next year if I am going to have a chance!


It was Paul Harley who was the person who’s tag did not work. He did some good times as well.

I will give a full write up tomorrow when I posted the pictures… We are definately getting noticed. Our team was the largest sponsered team there! 13 riders is impressive.

hey Mark,

what happened on that 4th lap :smiley:

How many miles/km was each lap?

Re: UK Riders at Saab Solomon / Red Bull

jagur wrote:
> hey Mark,
> what happened on that 4th lap :smiley:

Alan (Mr Aardvark) had set out for a 3rd lap but was dying so he came
off the course. I went out for the next lap so my time was already
ticking. Mind you, I was dying on that lap too - it took me about 2
hours. Bad idea, really, really bad idea but I’ll almost certainly be
doing it again next year. :wink:


I have put up some pictures on a page… they are more or less in order.


We have more pictures

Also check out their main page… 4000 photos of bikes and they pick a picture of Des! :slight_smile: